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Cognitive Assessment Solution
Cognitive assessment application was the ideation of a Canada based neurologist who developed a cognitive assessment application for electronic tablets especially designed for the clinicians which could assess mild cognitive dysfunction of the patient.
Different cognitive domains of the patient like attention & concentration, memory, language, executive functions, Visio constructional skills, conceptual thinking, calculations and orientation, could be assessed.


  • Being a specialist in cognitive impairment domain, the core challenge for the whole team was to ideate and develop the application right from scratch.
  • Recognized for their high number of users, one of the main challenges was to build a scalable platform for conducting tests on electronic tablets.
  • As the assessment workflow is dynamic, I-pad application should be able to generate UX elements at runtime depending on the type of assessment questions.
  • Known for their persistency, it was required to build an overall solution that was easy to use, accurate, generate reports & analytics, provide multi-lingual support and able to manage high traffic situations with payment integrations was developed.


Below are the various solutions to overcome the challenges:
  • The application has been developed for doctors and clinicians to assess mild cognitive dysfunction of the patient and also for the patient who can take the cognitive assessment test. The application stores key details of users and patients
  • One of the main solutions provided was that of CMS and Transactions that are divided into separate services which interacted seamlessly with tablet and backend services.
  • To provide easy accessibility for patients taking the cognitive assessment test, the application has been developed for ipad using iOS Technology.
  • Dynamic generation of questions and assessment in multiple languages have been provided to help clinicians residing in a specific geographical location.
  • Features that are built in the patient assessment solution includes auto scoring, patient history and an option for sending test results over mail in PDF format.
  • Calculation of autoscoring is done on the basis of answers given and time taken by the patient.
  • Value added features like retests, score later, test history and score comparisons are also included in the I-Pad application.
  • A stylus pen has been integrated with the application for senior citizens, to assess their Visio constructional skills. Furthermore palm detection feature is also incorporated in the system that removes palm print of the patient during the assessment.
  • For old patients, image abstraction feature is provided that aims at capturing image information that the patient has drawn on paper and processing it for further assessment.
  • To provide financial security, paid customers are allowed with package subscriptions of the healthcare application which is integrated with PayPal.

Tools & Technologies


  • Easy accessibility of digital documents as they centrally configured and managed.
  • Multilanguage provides support to reach wider audience.
  • Offline tests feature allows user greater flexibility in taking the test without internet connection.
  • Result generation and assessment of the patient is a rapid and dynamic process.
  • Multiuser support is provided for complete administration.
  • Convenience and portability provided to the clinicians.

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