Magento 2.0 - A Cloud-Based eCommerce Web Portal Solution for Automobile Industry

Magento 2.0 - A Cloud-Based eCommerce Web Portal Solution for Automobile Industry

The client is one of the largest suppliers of the automobile spare part in Norway with office in Halden. The company services over 10,000 customers and ships over thousands of parcels across Norway every week. The client catalog consists of nearly 600,000 spares of more than 30 brands. The prime motive of the client was to offer B2B and B2C eCommerce platform for the customers and integrated with the company’s ERP system.


The client had an existing system that retrieved the most compatible spare parts based on the vehicle registration number or by vehicle make, model and series. In this process, some of the major challenges that were faced by the existing system are as follows:
  • The information of the spare part is being stored under different entities. These entities belonged to multiple third party tools, which ultimately resulted in dependency on third party tools. So there was requirement of smooth data processing from these third party tools.

  • There was need for content management system for each product. With the absence of CMS in existing system, the vendor has to approach to client for each and every minor modifications of the product information. This was a quite tedious job & so it was necessary to implement the content management system for easy data processing & editing.


Azilen Technologies analyzed the requirements and came up with a solution of an eCommerce portal based on Magento 2.0 platform. The main reason behind selecting Magento 2.0 is that it is compatible with multiple platforms. Besides that, with Magento 2.0 there is observed considerable performance enhancement, almost of 20% as compared to older versions.
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Advanced search of spare parts based on vehicle registration no. or by selecting brand,model and variant details

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Our team designed and implemented a combination of Content Management System and Web Shop that is multilingual.As there are wide range of customers purchasing products from our client this was necessary to implement.

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The eCommerce portal was integrated with several third party tools,namely-AutoData ERP,TecDoc,AIS and VPC with the system for optimal processing of products.
  • The AutoData ERP is the external ERP system of the client.Our eCommerce portal fetches spare part description,inventory,price,customer details,delivery details,shipping methods and other key information from AutoData ERP.

  • TecDoc, also a third party tool offers faster access to structured,complete and up-to-date vehicle and other spare parts information for the norwegian region and other EU nation.

  • The Automotive Information System(AIS) is centralized system that provides vehicle registration information and associated TecDoc ID.

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Payment Gateway Integration - KLARNA, a Swedish e-commerce company that provides payment services for online storefronts.

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Enhanced business agility and productivity

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Store location of the client is displayed on the google map.Users can search the nearby stores by key in necessary information like address,postal code or street name.

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Secure payments

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Easier maintenance and upgrades.


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