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Responsive Website Integrated With 3rd Party Ticketing System

Our Client SMS Development and Support A.S is a leading software and hardware development company in Norway. They have been serving many clients with their POS (Point of Sale) software and needed us to serve one of their client, Bjorneparken to build an intuitive and responsive website which integrates seamlessly with their ticketing solution.

Solution Provided

We analyzed the existing website structure and its feasibility for integration and considering the latest trends in web development we suggested a complete makeover of the website based on user browsing and buying behavior along with seamless integration of it with RmsV POS system.

  • Bjorneparken website in seamless sync with the centralized ticketing system
  • Easy management of tickets availability, prices and distribution of tickets
  • Simply drag and drop management of website layout and content
  • Easy to manage and update the website
Bjorneparken App
Bjorneparken App


  • Multilingual Support for Website
  • Website structuring for better brand visibility and user experience
  • Customer friendly and mobile enabled designs
  • Online ticket purchase and seamless integration with ticketing system
  • Increase in website conversion due to effective and simplistic customer based approach

Technology Insights

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Language: PHP with jQuery
  • Database: MySQL
  • Third Party Tools: Wordpress CMS
  • Server: Apache
  • Web Technologies: .NET

Bjorneparken App