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App For Finding Beauty And Spa Professionals Near You

Esteticlic is one of our partner, Midatel’s client. The client is an internet service company, based on Barcelona, Spain which handles the beauty professional’s across Spain. The client aims to have a fully functional solution in form of a website and a mobile application which serves as beauty service finder.

With a well establish database of beauty professional across the Spain, client needed us to deliver a solution which allows the user base to search and connect with the beauty professionals with ultimate ease.

Solution Provided

After analyzing the business objective of client’s requirement and plan of end to end deliverable which can benefit client and his registered professionals, we designed and developed an application.

  • One stop destination to browse through all the beauty services and ongoing offers near you
  • Screen that have engineered user experience and visually appealing design elements
  • Smart platform to reinforce the beauty professional’s branding with social strategies and boost their visibility
  • Smart use of maps to give complete idea of how far the saloon is and route to facilitate easy reach to professional center
  • Avail services, acquire coupons, book appointments and contact professionals
  • Customer engagement by providing timely updates regarding offers and services
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Esteticlic App


  • Location based search
  • Online and Offline mode of operation
  • Multilingual Support
  • Smart use of filters, sort modifiers and geolocations
  • Push Notifications to engage users

Technology Insights

  • Operating System: iOS and Android
  • Language: Objective C and Java
  • Tools: Xcode and Eclipse IDE
  • Services: Rest
  • Database: MySQL

Esteticlic App