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Guess... What I am Game App

Our client Mr. Erin Ahier was looking for an application which can used a source of entertainment as well as knowledge to kids having age between 5 years to 10 years. The client needed Azilen to develop this application using high end graphics which will be appealing to kids and will keep them engaged with it.

The major focus on defining the game structure was maintaining the interest of users playing as they go ahead on next levels of game with increasing complexity and knowledge gained.

Solution Provided

After thorough analysis of the requirement and crux of the application, Azilen designed and developed the game application having interfaces which is best close for girls and boys and defined an element which strives to reach the destination and moves ahead as user wins the level.

  • Different design interfaces for boys and girls to engage them with the elements of their choice
  • Introduction of a smart element for boys and girls which maintains the interest of user and encourages him / her to move ahead in game
  • Enhanced and smooth user experience with visually appealing designs
  • Introduction of various categories of quizzes
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  • Spinning wheel to select the category of quiz
  • Multiple clues appearing at difficult situations for players
  • Dynamically display number of hyphens as per the no. of characters in answer
  • Design element to show whether your answer is right or wrong
  • Smart element to maintain interest of the player and which displays players current score of quiz

Technology Insights

  • Operating System: Android and iOS
  • Language: Java and Objective C

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