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IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group) is British multinational hotel company having around 4600 hotels across 100 countries. Our client needed us to develop a mobile application for one of its hotel, Dar Al Tawhid which can serve as a constant aide for all Mecca visitors. The application served as a key platform for branding and marketing the hotel and its luxurious amenities.

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Solution Provided

With a huge experience in hospitality industry and thorough analysis of showcase areas for hotel and city, Azilen designed and developed a visually appealing mobile application having enhanced user experience.

  • Check on the Hotel’s information and history
  • Browse through amenities and luxuries of the hotel using media elements like photos, audio and videos
  • Get a visual media tour of holy city, Mecca and explore its rich heritage and history
  • Walk through of the facilities and services provided by Dar Al Tawhid
  • Glance at the awards and achievements of the property
IHG Showcase


  • The application works in offline mode for easy access to all the information for Mecca Visitors
  • Application available at Android and iOS phones
  • Engineered user experience considering the end user behavior
  • Easy to use controls, seamless animation and a smooth browsing experience

Technology Insights

  • Operating System: Android and iOS
  • Technology: Titanium
  • Tools: Eclipse
  • Language: JavaScript