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Karaoke Mobile Application  

One of our partner’s in Russia needed an application which can enhance the customer experience of a restaurant. The partner needed add on module to our digital menu which can manage and automate the tasks to executing the Karaoke event in a restaurant.

With continuous increase in work pressure and fast life, large number of restaurants are adopting the Karaoke events as one of the quick fix measures to provide relief to guests.

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Solution Provided

Azilen proposed a vintage themed mobile application which can integrate with our digital menu application and execute Karaoke event in a seamless manner. Since it was easily integrating with digital menu, it allowed the restaurant captain to take orders whereas the guests could simultaneously send songs request to the DJ.

  • Quick browsing and searching of the songs
  • Easy to browse list of songs as per albums, artists name and song name
  • Adjust the key and tempo for songs before requesting
  • Facility to dedicate a song to loved one
  • A web panel for the DJ to manage the songs requests and songs queue
  • Backend Interface to manage the songs and requests queue
Karaoke App
Karaoke App


  • Smart sort and filter modifiers for clear demarcation and bifurcation of songs and artist
  • Easy data management of songs DB from backend Interface, bulk upload available
  • Check the songs in queue before sending the request
  • Ability to connect to printer and send the requested songs to printer
  • Multilingual Support

Technology Insights

  • Operating System: Windows
  • Languages: PHP
  • Scripting Language: HTML 5, CSS
  • Database: MySQL

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