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Pacawool is one of our Partner’s client. Pacawool deals with Alpacas exclusive wool and is one of the largest provider of a wide range of warm and durable products all over Norway. The client needed Azilen to revamp their current website with enhanced responsive design.

The approach was to be defined based on web design, navigation, easy backend management to increase brand visibility and number of leads.

The website’s structure and designs were defined to enhance the client’s brand image and positioning it as the leading provider in the industry.

Solution Provided

We designed a website using 3rd party Wordpress CMS with the intuitive and responsive design.

  • Easy to manage website panel with drag and drop controls and features
  • Intuitive, Customer Friendly and Mobile Enabled Design
  • Website Structuring for better brand visibility and user experience
  • Enhanced SEO Activities
  • Inbuilt analytics and reporting for better stock management
  • Social media channels to share latest events and feeds with the friends
  • News channel to keep the visitors updated with all the latest events and news of the company and products
Pacawool Web
Pacawool Web


  • Multilingual Support
  • Integrating 3rd party tools and plugins to enhance the website functionality and operation
  • Backend customization by providing drag and drop controls for managing content of the website
  • Detailed training, documentation and 45 days to free support and maintenance for the website
  • Consultations for enhance the website structure for better visibility and increased number of hits
  • Introduced a channel for visitor’s newsletter subscription

Technology Insights

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Technology: PHP
  • CMS: Wordpress
  • Database: MySQL

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