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Mobile App for Saloon and Spa Management

Beauty industry has expanded at a very fast pace and is still expected to grow heavily in coming 5 years. Looking at the stats and facts about the number of applications available for this segment at the App Store, Azilen though it’s a great opportunity to put ahead its foot with a value adding mobile solution.

With this idea, Azilen designed and developed a mobile solution which efficiently ties beauty professionals and general users.

Solution Provided

Customer management is one of the key aspects of Salon Management. Happy customer’s leads to increased revenue, considering these as the major aspect of application, Azilen developed a product for managers, saloon staff and users.

  • Manage and keep track of Saloon customers
  • Schedule and manage appointments
  • Generate and manage invoices
  • Mail and print documents
  • Analytics and reports for business insights
Saloon App
Saloon App


  • Customized, native and extensible application
  • Enhanced user interface with engineered user experience
  • Better engagement with the target audience
  • Customized calendar for checking and booking appointments
  • Intelligent notifications for user engagement
  • Report Generation and scheduling
  • Business Insights via appealing visuals and dashboards

Technology Insights

  • Operating System: iOS
  • Language: Objective C
  • Architecture: MVC
  • Tools: xCode 5.1, Core Data (ORM)
  • Database: Microsoft SQLite

Saloon App