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About Superseek Puzzle Game App

This Android game application is designed and created for puzzle lovers searching for a brainteasing game. This game app is an addictive entertainment source, as well as a brainstormer for any age group from kids to adults, offering delightful puzzle solving experience beyond compare. Azilen brought this distinctive concept into reality by including enticing graphic images/pictures & music to keep the player glued.

The special ingredient of SuperSeek Android game app is that user won't lose interest and the difficulty level and knowledge both keeps increasing level after level.

Solution Provided

After meticulously analyzing the fundamental elements and essentialities that are required for contriving a stimulating game, the SuperSeek project was initiated. The pro Android game developers of Azilen designed & developed SuperSeek which is a perfect brain twister game for anyone.

The exclusive features of this game app are:

  • Appealing design interfaces, characters and music
  • Family entertaining puzzle game
  • Improves logical thinking and IQ building skills
  • Handy game to play at home or when travelling
  • Various categories of all the natural seasons
  • Smooth user Experience
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It is Azilen's method of functioning to evaluate every aspect of the development phase from the beginning to end with keen attention on customer behavior, while making applications for the end user. Thus, necessary reviews and inputs can be gained, and by iterating the user comes up with the best possible outcome

  • Mental Brain Exercises
  • Amazing Animation & Music
  • Simple Yet Unique Concept
  • No Time Limit
  • Unlimited Moves
  • Easy to Play