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Azilen.com (“Azilen Technologies Pvt Ltd) has announced this privacy policy to be trustworthy and be with our words to maintain privacy of visitors to our website and other online communication medium. This privacy policy covers important points about confidential information of visitors.

1. Privacy

Azilen Technologies is trustworthy and have confidence in to build long term relationship. We promise to take care about personal information and ensure to maintain and protecting privacy.

2. We Collect Information Azilen Technologies may collect personal information from visitors in different ways, which can be contact form, news / updates / blog reader’s subscription and other approaches where visitors may require sharing their personal information. We collect information which identifies our viewer personally like: Full Name Email Address Contact Number Region

3. Web Browser Cookies Cookies - store on computer, which a piece of data and containing information about the user. It can be categorized in two “Session ID Cookies” and “Persistent Cookies”. Session ID cookies are deleted after closing a web browser or logging out from the web services. Persistent cookies are in user’s computer’s hard drive as a format of a small text file for certain amount of time. Web browser’s help instruction contain information about how to delete persistent cookies. Azilen Technologies may use “Session ID Cookies” to track a visitor’s behavior while going through azilen.com which also beneficial to optimize load time and to save processing time.

4. Log Files Similar to other slandered websites, we are also using log files. Such log files contain information related to web browser type, time logs, IP Addresses, ISP information, demographic information, clicks and navigation behaviors and other information which are completely “Non Personally Identification Information”.

5. How We Use Personal Information Azilen Technologies may use personal information to establish contact with visitors or for research purpose or to share / spread news and updates and other information in the form of newsletters. Azilen Technologies promise not to share any personal information to third parties either for free or by selling it unless you explicitly approve. We may share non personal information with our business partners and trusted third parties in a manner to serve content in a better way and having an interest of visitors.

6. Updates to Privacy Policy In future on prior requirements, Azilen Technologies may update this privacy policy at any time. We recommend our visitors regularly check our privacy policy for any changes made and be informed about privacy, we will keep for personal information we collect.

7. Accepting Privacy Policy We believe that you agree and accepting our privacy policy by surfing azilen.com. If you are not accepting this policy, we suggest not visiting this website in future. We also believe that any changes in the privacy policy in the future will also accept by you on continue visits to azilen.com

8. Questions Any questions concerning this Privacy Policy may be directed to Contact Us.