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Goal of Lean Product Development

Validate Core Business Hypothesis
In Shortest possible time
Eliminate or avoid waste

The Lean Development Process

Key Partners Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Relationships Customer Segments
Who help us? What Key Activities do our value Propositions require? Which one of our customer's problem are we helping to solve? How we will Get,Keep and Grow customers? Who are our customers?
Who are our Partners? What we do? Value Provided How we interact? Who we help?
How we help?
For whom are we creating value?
Key Resources Channels
What Resources do our Value Propositions require? Though which channel do our Customer Segments wants to be reached?
What are the most important costs in our business model?

What Key Activities are most expensive?
For what value are our customers really willing to pay?

What is the revenue model? How do you make money?
Revenue Streams
Cost Structure
Validate Learning
Identify who the user is
Identify vanity matrices
Identify what they want
Scoping of MVP
Minimum set of features needed to learn from early adopters
Avoid building products nobody wants
Maximize the learning per dollar invested
Early adopter will fill in the gaps on missing features if product is really solving a real problem
Requires a commitment to iteration
Chasing customer what they think they want

Product Development Approach

Case Studies

Pupil Assessing and Evidence Recording Solution
Evidence Assessment & Capturing Solutions for Schools

Discover a multi interface mobile and web solution for school whose main purpose is to give teachers an easy way to record pupils' scores and targets, track their progress and record evidence of learning. We offered a flexible and easy to access real-time solution evidence capturing.

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Food Ordering System
Enterprise Solutions for Hospitality Industry

Have a look at our enterprise solution that is intended to replace the standard (paper) menu in restaurants with new, digital menu. It includes interactive touch screen menu, visualized on a iPad or Android tablet located on each table or bar, offering customers a full range of ordering and interactive entertainment services and even restaurant owners with fun and value delivering services.

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