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An Incredibly Powerful Framework for Writing Integration

Supports type-safe smart completion of routing rules using regular Java code without large amount of XML configurations in an integrated development environment


Apache Camel - Routing Rules in IDE

Routing Rules in IDE

Apache Camel - Support for Bean Binding

Support for Bean Binding

Apache Camel - Extensive Support for Unit Testing

Extensive Support for Unit Testing

Apache Camel - Rich Library of Patterns

Rich Library of Patterns

Apache Camel ESB Solutions

Apache Camel ESB Integration
Solution Spotlight
  • Apache Camel ESB provides an engine for integration that runs in any Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  • Camel’s built-in test support lets you validate that the integrations are working as expected in form of unit testing cycle.
  • By placing the entire integration logic at one place, Apache Camel ESB offers black box for data integration, data transformation, data conversion and other data processing.

Case Studies

Enterprise Mobile Application for Real Estate
Enterprise Mobile Application for Real Estate
Agile Automated Regression Testing
Agile Automated Regression Testing for Wealth Data Aggregation and Reporting

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