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Develop Java Enterprise Edition Web Application with Struts

Explore Struts, an open source web application framework that encourages the Model View Controller architecture by using and extending Java Servlet API


Application Integration using Struts

Application Integration

Struts Architecture Elaboration

Architecture Elaboration

Struts Web Application Maintenance

Web Application Maintenance

Customization, Expansion and Enhancements using Struts

Customization, Expansion and Enhancements

Struts Solutions

Struts Framework
Solution Spotlight
  • Using standard software libraries including Jakarta Struts or Struts, Apache Xalan, Apache Xerces and others
  • Single window customized solution provider for entire IT related needs
  • With Struts internationalization, our expertise team performs project planning, resource allocation and resolves problems if there is any

Case Studies

Analytics and ETL based BI Solutions
Web-Based Platform to Manage and Automate Event Management Services
Agile Automated Regression Testing
Agile Automated Regression Testing for Wealth Data Aggregation and Reporting

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