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Monitor, Manage and Secure mobile devices across enterprise

Register your device through MDM to automatically configure it with corporate connectivity settings, email profiles as well as device-specific restrictions and reduce help desk calls through automated device setup


MDM - Multi OS Support

Multi OS Support

MDM - Integration with Enterprise Systems

Integration with Enterprise Systems

MDM - Automated and Centralized Device Setup

Automated and Centralized Device Setup

MDM - Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Mobile Device Management Solutions
Solution Spotlight
  • Wirelessly distribute, manage and configure apps purchased through Volume Purchase or developed in-house with MDM
  • Block unauthorized or non-compliant devices from accessing corporate resources
  • Provide certificate-based authentication for restricting man-in-the-middle exploits

Case Studies

Pupil Assessing and Evidence Recording Solution
Evidence Assessment & Capturing Solutions for Schools
Food Ordering App
Digital Food Ordering Application

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