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An Open Source Vector Graphics Scripting Framework

A comprehensive Document Object Model that allows a project to populate with vector elements


PaperJS - Object Oriented Drawing

Object Oriented Drawing

PaperJS Interoperability

PaperJS Interoperability

PaperJS - Building Vector Graphic Editor

Building Vector Graphic Editor

PaperJS - Scene Graph / DOM for Vector Graphics

Scene Graph / DOM for Vector Graphics

PaperJS Solutions

PaperJS Development
Solution Spotlight
  • PaperJS is compatible with the advanced browsers, viz. Chrome or Explorer 9+, Firefox 4+ and Safari 5+ browsers
  • Creating vector editing tools for drawing, 2D drawing, editing and building software like Illustrator and CorelDraw
  • PaperJS is highly compatible with Scriptographer which is a scripting environment for Adobe Illustrator
  • PaperJS offers Context programming feature that provides mechanisms to dynamically adapt behavior at runtime
  • PaperJS treats Vector Mathematics exclusively as first class citizen while making it working with vectors and geometries as simple as possible through the main elements like point, size and rectangle

Case Studies

Magento eCommerce Webshop Application
Magento eCommerce Webshop Application
Agile Automated Regression Testing
Agile Automated Regression Testing for Wealth Data Aggregation and Reporting

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