8 Reasons Why You Should Not Reinvent the Wheel
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  by Editorial Team  September 18, 2013

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Reinvent the Wheel

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In today’s fast moving world, we all want software solution equivalent to a unicorn. The one that does lead generation manages the content, content creation, conversion optimization so on and so forth. Not only this but an analytical layer on top of it.
We built a software solution considering its complexity and with an expectation to get exactly what we want, the reality is if we breakdown our software solution into different modules, we can find 90% of what we need which just needs to be integrated, forming the unicorn as per our expectation.

The plug-n-play module concept offers enhanced dynamism to your solution, and also holds provision for addition of new features. Moreover, by virtue of the drag and drop widgets, and a highly configurable control panel, it imparts  a highly flexible solution.

Below are some of the important reasons why you should not reinvent the wheel!!

1. Simple Integration

We have large variety of services and tools available which exactly matches your requirement integrates freely. Whether you are looking for email campaign tool, accounting software, analytical tools, or any other, one should always check for availability of such tool or plugin.

2.  User friendly, easy to use and readily available

Developing an integrated software using the plugins or software module readily available also provides a clean and very user friendly interface for software integration.

Lets take Web Advertising Module for an instance,creation of advertising sections, back end management, content management, managing and introducing new features becomes very easy and comfortable.

With just a few clicks, you can make changes to the look and feel, portlet configurations, themes, and page layouts. With a simple drag-and-drop, you can add and reposition applications, tools and other elements to the portal.

Mobile app functionality like image capturing and processing, scanning, customization of screen elements, 360 degree panoramic views etc becomes a very tedious job, but we have libraries and modules readily available. A little bit of customization and we are all set with high level functionality at our hand.

3.  Easy to update

Plugins or modules that are integrated to form a solution are very easy to update and their periodic updates are readily available.

4.  SEO Optimization

SEO being the foremost important aspect of developing a website for any organization, we can now create SEO optimized web pages with utmost easy and least possible time. We have several plugins like SEOPressor, All in one SEO pack, wordpress SEO by yoast and lot many available in market with feature and functionality that suits our requirement.

5.  Enhanced Web Analytics

Tracking the popularity of your website is now become very easy. Website owner can simply login to view the traffic (Number of unique website visitors per day), referrals (visitors referred from), specific search engine queries etc.

Thus it not only helps to understand the popularity of your website but also provides statistics for page views, time spent on the website, the geo-location of visitors and more.

6.  Open API

Open API gives developer capabilities to build enhanced applications and services. Developers can combine their software capabilities in any way they want. The greater the capability library, the greater the developer creation can be.

Open API give a developer a framework to work from and doesn’t make you have to build or rebuild a service.

7.  Advantage of Active Community

One of the most impressive things in our industry is how companies/apps embrace the idea of integration and how they have a vibrant user base where most of the companies and communities are connected. This user base helps the communities to be updated about constantly improving and releasing new integration, thus providing you more opportunities.

8.  Quality Matters

Scripts of the plugins or modules that are readily available have been written as per the standard coding protocols and with proper comments. This helps  greatly in customization of a module or debugging in case of an issue.

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