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Azilen’s Innovative Reward System to Respect the Hearts at Home

Your flourishing career has lot of success ingredients. And one of the most important ingredients is your family. Many of the times you might have spent late evening hours at office, scarified weekend movie plans over the project critical delivery or even missed the birthdays of your loved one’s due to work load. But it’s your family who always stood by you, unconditionally and uncomplaining.

We believe that the family equally deserves the recognition for the success of each individual and recently it has initiated a unique and crazy idea of rewarding real contributor i.e. family and spouse.

We attempted to explore what actually can make the family delighted, especially spouse. Inspired by the cute arguments related to shopping concerns between the couple, we thought how about company sponsored ‘Shopping Day for Spouse’!!!

Your spouse will choose a day of her / his choice and we will take her for shopping – bills are on us, of course

As an organization, Azilen dedicates its flourishing to its each team member and always ensures to value the incredible diligence and efforts.

We believe family is more than worth for all these. This innovative idea is simply an endeavor to respect their love, care and support to our team member.


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