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Top 7 Background Check Software for Small Business in 2024

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With so many background check software available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

This blog will explore some of the best background check software for small businesses.

We’ll consider factors like ease of use, pricing, and features to help you find the perfect fit.

Note: The cons mentioned here are all sourced from publicly available platform feedback & reviews and based on our own experience.

Streamline Your Screening: Best Background Check Software for Small Business

Known for its user-friendly interface and customizable reports, Checkr offers a variety of background check packages to fit your needs.

They use AI to make background screening more efficient, speed up the hiring process, and fill roles faster.



✅ AI and ML for accurate and compliant reporting

✅ Positive candidate experience with live support and Candidate Portal

✅ Applicant tracking, background screening, compliance management, data verification, employment screening, instant check, and screening services

✅ Charge classifier for swift categorization of criminal charges

✅ ETA tool for improved candidate experience and hiring planning

✅ Compliance engine to filter out non-reportable information and stay updated with regulatory changes


✅ Improved efficiency

✅ Reduced risk

✅ Better hiring decisions

✅ Scalability


❌ Fees associated with each background check

❌ Businesses don’t have direct access to raw data sources

❌ Inaccuracy can occur in public record databases


The quickest and most basic plan starts from $29.99/check.

Certn is a cloud-based platform designed to streamline the background check process for small businesses.

It offers a user-friendly interface and integrates with existing applicant tracking systems (ATS) for a smooth workflow.



✅ Delivers results in minutes for various checks, including criminal records, credit reports, reference checks, and more

✅ Enables candidates to easily complete background checks through their mobile devices

✅ Provides candidates with transparency and control over the process with a self-serve candidate portal

✅ Integrates with existing HR platforms for effortless background check initiation within your workflow

✅ Conducts background checks across 200+ countries and territories

✅ Build custom background check packages based on their specific needs


✅ Provides a wide range of verifications

✅ Best for easy integration into hiring flows

✅ Intuitive API and ATS integration

✅ Competitive pricing and 24/7 customer support

✅ Accurate results that save businesses time in finding qualified candidates

✅ Fast and reliable background checks

✅ Automation tuned for regional needs


❌ Limited customization options

❌ No mobile application is available

❌ Steep pricing for low volumes

❌ Limited identity check types


Certn offers various pricing plans based on volume and features. They have plans for businesses with under 500 employees (SMB) and larger enterprises.

Specific pricing details are not publicly available, so you’ll need to contact Certn for a quote.

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Hireology offers background check software for small businesses as part of its all-in-one recruiting platform.

This means it’s integrated with their applicant tracking and onboarding tools, aiming to streamline the hiring process for businesses.



✅ Various combinations of screens and checks are available within the platform

✅ Choose from pre-built background check bundles to save time and money

✅ The system automates tasks like collecting candidate information and sending notifications

✅ Automate reference checks by sending surveys to the contacts provided by the candidate

✅ Timely turnaround of applicant screening results

✅ Compliance with legal requirements for background checks

✅ Integration with popular job search sites like Indeed and Glassdoor


✅ Saves time and money by automating manual hiring steps and offering bundles

✅ Easy to use and integrated with other hiring tools

✅ Reduces errors through automation

✅ Offers a variety of background checks to customize the screening process

✅ Efficient communication tools


❌ Limited functionality

❌ Relies on a third-party provider (Accurate) for the actual background checks


Pricing information for Hireology’s background check software is not publicly available. You’ll need to contact them for a quote.

Combining the user-friendliness of Checkr with additional compliance support, GoodHire is a great background check software for small businesses that need extra guidance in navigating Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations.



✅ User-friendly interface for both employers and candidates

✅ Customizable background check packages to fit specific needs

✅ Integrates with various data sources for comprehensive checks

✅ Real-time status updates and mobile-friendly access

✅ Candidate consent management and dispute resolution tools

✅ Compliance assistance to ensure FCRA adherence


✅ Highly recommended by other small-business owners

✅ Integration with major HR software and platforms

✅ Additional features such as employment credit checks and drug testing

✅ Unique tools designed to automate and optimize the process for both HR managers and candidates

✅ Compliant with FCRA and EEOC regulations


❌ May not integrate with all ATS platforms

❌ Accuracy depends on the quality of external data


GoodHire uses a tiered pricing model with varying package options.

Base prices depend on the number of background checks conducted monthly. Additional fees may apply for specific checks.

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Paycom’s background check software, called Enhanced Background Checks®, is a service integrated into their HR platform that helps businesses screen candidates during the hiring process.



✅ Customizable selection of checks

✅ Manages the entire workflow

✅ Ensures adherence to the Fair Credit Reporting Act for legal and ethical screening practices.

✅ Advertises quicker results compared to competitors.

✅ Protects sensitive candidate information.


✅ Best for FCRA-compliant checks

✅ Designed for maximum data security

✅ Single platform for HR, payroll, and screening

✅ Automated adverse action workflows


❌ Some users may require time to learn and navigate the system effectively

❌ Can be complex to configure


Pricing information isn’t readily available on their website. You’ll likely need to contact Paycom for a quote.

AssureHire is one of the top-rated background check software for small businesses.

It makes the process quicker, covers everything needed, and follows all the rules, so you can hire safely and confidently.



✅ Continuous monitoring feature, which goes beyond the initial background check

✅ Automation to expedite the verification process, ensuring efficiency and faster turnaround times

✅ Compliance tools and audit trails

✅ Native integrations with existing recruiting systems

✅ Mobile-friendly platform

✅ Real-time order tracking and automated workflows


✅ Compliance focus

✅ Seamless ATS integration

✅ Automated continuous monitoring

✅ Fits for companies of all sizes

✅ A streamlined mobile-friendly process can enhance your brand.


❌ Integration with specific HRIS systems may not be as smooth

❌ Drug testing component may have delays in getting results and updating reports

❌ Limited in-network labs for drug testing in close proximity to some locations


The pricing is dependent on factors such as the number of background checks you need and the specific services required.

Hence, for a personalized quote, you’ll likely need to contact AssureHire directly.

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Clairiti is an automated background check solution offered by GHRR.

It’s designed to streamline the process of conducting compliant background checks on job candidates, specifically targeting talent acquisition teams.



✅ Automated background screening

✅ Configurable workflows

✅ Adverse actions tools

✅ Seamless integration with ATS

✅ User-friendly and real-time status dashboard

✅ Self-service portal

✅ Integrates emails, chats, and documents into a single workspace.


✅ Provides bank-grade data security and encryption

✅ Faster and more efficient background checks

✅ Enhanced compliance

✅ Best for an intelligent employment screening platform

✅ Offers built-in compliance tools


❌ Steep learning curve

❌ Limited identity verification checks


GHRR doesn’t disclose Clairiti’s pricing directly on their website. You’ll likely need to contact GHRR for a quote.

Introducing Our Full Service  Background Check Software

Imagine offering background checks that seamlessly integrate with your existing hiring process, all while strengthening your brand identity.

That’s the power of ↗️ Full Service Background Check Software!

Unlike generic third-party solutions, our software lets you customize the entire experience with your logo, colors, and company name.

This builds trust with candidates from the very beginning and reinforces your brand’s professionalism.

Here’s a quick highlight of it.

✅ You don’t have to pay a heavy licensing fee or subscription fee.

✅ You enjoy full ownership rights and you can host the solution on your server for better control.

✅ The solution is ready to use.

✅ Our solution adheres to national and international laws.

✅ User-friendly interface – from application to verification.

✅ You can automate various stages of the background check, from data collection to report generation.

✅ 10 one-click integrations at your fingertips.

So, ready to take control of your background screening?

Let’s connect and see how our white-label background check software can offer a seamless, on-brand hiring experience while maintaining the highest security standards!

Confidently Make People Decisions!

See how our white-label solution can revolutionize your background screening process!

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