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What are the Parallels Between Our Dedicated Software Development Team and the Apollo 13 Mission?

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First, let us show you some amazing facts about the Apollo 13 mission.

Apollo 13 was 400,171 km above the Earth’s surface, making it the farthest distance from Earth reached by humans.

It was a hold-your-breath 5 days, 22 hours, 54 minutes, 0 seconds – a mission that the crew and the world will never forget.

The landing module was designed to support two people for 45 hours. But it supported three men for at least 90 hours.

Due to the limited food and the stress of the situation, the Apollo 13 crew lost 14 kg of weight during the mission.


What are the Parallels Between Our Dedicated Software Development Team and the Apollo 13 Mission?
Crew Onboarded to Apollo 13

What’s Common Between Launching a Space Mission and Software Product Development?

Well, both require meticulous planning, teamwork, and the ability to navigate and mitigate unexpected challenges.

And what would be a greater example of that than the Apollo 13 mission?

A successful failure” – that’s what it’s described as in the history of mankind.

Today, it stands as an example of the dangerous space travel and of NASA’s innovative minds working together to save lives on the fly.

In fact, it offers valuable lessons for our dedicated software development team at Azilen.

Parallels Between Our Dedicated Software Development Team and Apollo 13 Mission

On April 13, 1970, just over two days into the mission, an oxygen tank exploded in the service module, damaging the spacecraft.

What are the Parallels Between Our Dedicated Software Development Team and the Apollo 13 Mission?

Unsurprisingly, the moon landing was aborted.

Similarly, in the world of software product development, unexpected issues can impact the overall project success.

Thus, recognizing the root causes of these challenges is the first step toward effective problem-solving.

Our dedicated software development team tackles unexpected glitches through a systematic approach.

For that, we perform thorough requirements analysis, prototyping, code reviews, static code analysis, automated testing, continuous integration, user acceptance testing, and proactive risk management.

This helps our team to identify and address issues early in the development process.

Following the explosion of the oxygen tank, the astronauts and NASA’s ground control quickly adapted, implemented alternative plans, and made changes to the mission.

In software development, agility is not just a methodology; it’s a mindset.

We embrace agile methodologies which allows our team to respond quickly to changing requirements.

This adaptability is our strength!

It ensures that your software product remains flexible and responsive to evolving needs.

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From “Houston, we have a problem” to “Houston, Houston, this is honesty. Good to see you again” – communication played a pivotal role in the safe return of the Apollo 13 crew.

What are the Parallels Between Our Dedicated Software Development Team and the Apollo 13 Mission?

Similarly, our software development team thrives on effective communication.

With our GCC model, which fosters collaboration across global teams, communication is enhanced further.

We set up a strategic delivery unit where you attain tech delivery excellence, while we excel in team, skill, admin, IT, finance, and operational excellence.

This ensures that everyone is aligned, addressing concerns, sharing insights, and collectively working towards your product success.

The result? You can focus more on the core product engineering part!

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Apollo 13 faced a critical resource shortage after the explosion.

It not only damaged the oxygen tank but also led to the loss of power, water, and other essential resources.

And because of that the crew was instructed not to drink more than 200 ml of water a day.

In software development, effective resource management and optimization requires careful planning and allocation.

We focus on building a diverse and skilled talent pool aligned with the specific needs of the projects.

And we don’t just simply allocate talent blindly for your project.

Instead, we select the right people with the right tech skills and expertise which aligns perfectly with what the project demands.

What is so special about our team is their Passion for a Reformist approach and Out-of-the-box thinking.

That’s why we call them PROEngineers!

In each project, they work with values of Openness, Respect, Be Bold, Innovation, and Trust, ensuring engineering excellence and overall product success.

Apollo 13 showed how clever thinking helps in tough situations.

The astronauts fixed problems with what they had, like making a CO2 scrubber from available items.

What are the Parallels Between Our Dedicated Software Development Team and the Apollo 13 Mission?

In software product engineering, facing issues is normal.

For that, our team holds outside-of-the-box thinking and performs extreme engineering to address potential hurdles.

Remembering what we’ve learned and having a culture that supports trying new things helps our dedicated software development team find smart solutions to tricky issues.

Apollo 13 had a clear mission – safely return the astronauts to Earth.

Our client-centric approach parallels Apollo’s mission focus.

Just as NASA worked tirelessly to meet astronauts’ needs, our software development team actively engages with you throughout the development lifecycle.

Regular communication, feedback loops, and user testing sessions ensure that your software product aligns seamlessly with your end-user requirements and business objectives.

Do you know what was the primary reason behind the explosion? Overlooking the internal testing of the oxygen tank!

It had heaters to prevent the liquid oxygen inside from becoming too cold.

These heaters were controlled by a thermostat, which was not adequately designed to handle the conditions it faced during the mission.

By learning from the Apollo 13 incident, our dedicated software development team emphasizes the meticulous testing of every component.

It includes – unit testing, integration testing, API testing, UI testing, load testing, usability testing, etc.

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In the face of uncertainty, there were two options to return to Earth.

One was the quickest, but there was no guarantee of engine performance.

And the second was the longer route with manageable risks.

The Apollo 13 team had to make informed decisions, weighing risks and benefits to ensure the astronauts’ safety.

Then, NASA’s flight director chose the second option – and the rest is history!

Similarly, software product engineering demands well-informed decisions to navigate complexities, allocate resources, and meet project objectives.

For that, we have subject matter experts who specialize in their respective fields.

Because we believe in not becoming a jack of all trades. Instead, we do one thing and master it.

That’s the reason, we allocate individual subject matter experts for each industry we operate in, including HRTech, FinTech, InsurTech, Retail, Hospitality, etc.

With their extensive expertise and experience, they engage in no-regret decision-making.

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At Azilen, We Work Like a Space Agency! (Strong Intend, Bold Innovation & Greatest Intelligence)

Just like how astronauts team up for cool space missions, we team up to make software products that are meaningful and impactful.

In every line of code, in every project milestone, we find a reflection of the unbeatable human spirit.

It propels us with a sense of purpose, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of engineering excellence.

For us, product engineering isn’t just about functionality; it’s about making a positive impact on people’s lives – much like how space missions contribute to our understanding of the universe for the betterment of humanity.

So, together, let’s collaborate, innovate, and build NextGen software products for a better tomorrow.

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