Eddystone: Google’s Fresh Approach towards Beacon Format
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  by Editorial Team  August 20, 2015

Eddystone: Google’s Fresh Approach towards Beacon Format

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Google, the search engine giant has also been an innovator when it comes to the technology. Needless to mention, it has kept on inventing various digital products from time to time including gadgets and devices. The techno campaign is in the news again with its latest release-Eddystone Beacon, a product designed using the concept of Bluetooth Low Energy. Further, after the development of this technology, it has been a buzz being engineered with various features.

The group of developers has designed this beacon format with a motive to cover more traffic including businesses, developers along with manufacturers. Additionally, Eddystone Beacon has been specifically designed as an alternative to Apple’s iBeacon with enhanced features and specifications.

So What’s More In For Google’s Eddystone Beacon?

While this may be a popping query for many of the techno freaks, the one thing which Google has made sure about its beacon profile is that it works for every platform. Meaning, if you have a smartphone, you could avail Eddystone Beacon regardless of its operating system. So, providing such an access, Google possibly could make its reach to about 80% of the smartphone users.

The Multiple Functionalities-

Well, this is another lucrativeness of Eddystone Beacon. The format has been made diligently to support manifold frame types, most specifically the data payloads, which could result to various functions. Since beacons are basically meant for one way communication, the technology sends detailed information to users about their surroundings. Now since Eddystone embroils various frame types, so dealers would be able to use this version of beacon for their specific purposes.

Check out some of the integrated functionalities which make the best use of beacon for this profile-


Eddystone URL:
How better it would be if you get the information of any product or service on your device even at the time when you don’t have its specified application. Interesting isn’t it? This concept is what has been used while designing Eddystone Beacon. Providing a URL just makes the beacon profile more functional as it easily opens up on a browser. Hence, you won’t need to install an application specifically when you are looking for a one time data transaction. Apparently, if a device is in the range of beacon, the URL finds it. Things apart, Google’s beacon profile is operational through the platform of Chrome. However, a user would be able to get any notification, updates or alerts only at the time when the Chrome has been enabled in the widget. Meanwhile this feature is applicable for iOS devices. Moreover, the Eddystone beacon has been provided to the iOS platform in the interim to get the user reviews as iOS has small user base.

Eddystone Universally Unique Identifier (UID):
Having 128 bit value, UID / UUID uniquely recognizes every particular beacon across the globe thereby enabling an application to listen and perform. If a brand, for example, installs beacons to its various stores then the application of the brand could be compatibly designed to get connected with beacon at its specific store, through the use of beacon ID. Once identified, the brand’s store would be able to send in the relevant content or schemes to the user.

Eddystone Telemetry Data (TLM):
Beacons run on excessive battery power which undoubtedly needs to be changed within varying time intervals. The last frame type of for Eddystone Beacon sends the corresponding data and leftover battery power to nearby IT personnel who determine and fix the broken beacons. Besides, the Eddystone Telemetry Data also pushes the information about the temperature of its nearby surroundings. In short, the device would display the information about the status of the battery as well as the temperature.

Eddystone Ephemeral Identifiers (EID):
Google has developed this frame type for the authorized users. Not much of the information has been provided by the company about this frame work, but for now, it could only be said that this functionality would work for the aspects like searching the luggage or even the lost keys.

This is a fact that every new product seeks manufacturers and collaborators in the camp. However, when it comes to Google, it already has some great list of renowned companies which have shown interest towards the use of Eddystone beacons. One of the reasons is again the additional features being implemented in the beacon format, which is hardly found in any other beacon technology along with the open source facet. Other than that, you could also transform your smartphone into beacon by just downloading the application. That just is the cost effective solution.

Thus, to summarize, after covering the market from its Android development section, Google has taken its move to beacon. On analyzing the implemented enhanced functionalities and specifications of Eddystone beacon, it could be said that Google is all determined to provide a highly featured beacon format to the users thereby proving the superiority of its core engineering.


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