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Hitting the Employee Engagement Bulls Eye with Gamification

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Enhancing employee engagement is a critical challenge for global companies, everywhere. Businesses, worldwide, are looking to grow in a competitive ecosystem through inclusive digital transformation. But 70% of business transformation efforts fail, on an average, due to lack of engagement.

Change has turned from a luxury to need of the hour for businesses. To stay relevant, organizations need to keep employees engaged to drive transformation efforts and ride the digital wave. Without a proper mechanism to keep the workforce hooked, the organizations are bound to fail.

Disengaged employees are worse than employees without skills – they bring the team morale down, impact the company culture and reduce the overall productivity.

Engagement is not a problem of the 21st century, it has become more critical in the current context. But the modern era has brought several technological breakthroughs to boost employee engagement, effectively, one of which is Gamification.

Gamification: Instant Gratification Appealing to Modern Employees

Gamification is a modern team engagement tool that feeds on human psychology of instant gratification. Gamification isn’t about turning everything at work into a game but designing a system that appeals to a human’s desire to compete, improve and get rewarded, instantly. Simply saying, it is just like a carrot on a stick that keeps the rabbit running.

Gamification is the art of appealing to a person’s desire to grow and achieve something in life. By amalgamating the psychological concept with technology, Gamification is doing wonders for the global business ecosystem. Making work more enjoyable and at the same time more gratifying, it is boosting employee engagement rates in all major global organizations.

Improved Workplace Engagement with Gamification

Gamification has served as a great tool for organizations struggling to drive transformation. By associating real-time feedback through a tech-based interactive platform, companies are answering their workforce’s biggest fears. Gamification is making workplaces more engaging in the following ways:

Real-time Feedback

Through Gamification, employees get instant feedback on how well they are doing the job. Instead of waiting for an annual review, they get instant rewards. Top management sets measurable, meaningful goals for employees to complete and employees see how well they performed, instantly through Gamification.

Eliminates Fear of Favoritism

Favoritism is an engagement killer across industries. Often, employees perceive that the management only picks their favorites despite all the hard work. Gamification eliminates the fear by giving employees a scale to see how good or bad they are against their counterparts. Also, Gamification ensures everything is accounted for and nothing is forgotten. So, employees are assured that their efforts will be recognized in time.

Appeals to Human Psychology

Human brain is designed to work in a more focused way when it can associate the rewards. By linking all activities to some form of recognition, Gamification makes routine work more interesting, improving employee engagement.

Gamification: What it Mean for Modern Organizations?

The positive impacts of Gamification on the future of workplaces are limitless. No matter which domain a company is in, Gamification is a great way to keep resources hooked and improve their on-the-job productivity.

Gamification works best for jobs where outputs can be easily measured, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be applied elsewhere. Gamification can be used to completely transform how organizations operate, irrespective of departments. There are several benefits and positive impacts of Gamification, some of which include the following:

Streamlined Performance Management

Gamification can be used by managers and team leaders to track an employee’s progress in real time. By identifying job responsibilities, transforming daily tasks into measurable goals and making the process interactive, employees can be kept engaged in a better way.

Gamification-based performance management will keep everything streamlined. It will also motivate the workforce to reinvent the wheel through innovative ideas as everything they do will be instantly tracked and recorded.

Enhanced On-boarding & Learning Management

Potentially, the biggest benefit a company can derive from Gamification is to improve their employee training efforts. Gamified learning programs make use of leader-boards and turn every training into a healthy competition. Employees compete with their colleagues for rewards such as badges, points, certifications, etc. which motivate them to stay engaged with everything that’s being taught.

Also, when it comes to on-boarding of new employees, Gamification can make them ready with additional skills in minimum time possible. As learning activities are interactive, reward-based and provide an opportunity to grow, fresh recruits are eager to grab the chance to be acknowledged in days of joining the organization.

Highly-motivated Sales Teams

When it comes to motivating the sales teams, nothing can work better than Gamification. Sales professionals are expected to be competitive by nature. With Gamification, tasks can be outlined and sales teams can be kept motivated to compete in real-time. This will give a push to overall revenue goals, enhance productivity and keep your sales team always striving for more.

Sales Gamification, just like learning Gamification, associates all tasks with some recognition system like leader-boards or sales contests. Gamification systems tie leaderboards to long-term revenue goals, helping you drive desired results from the activities of the sales team, while keeping them hooked.

Improving Employee Health & Wellness

If your employees are not healthy, they are more likely to be less engaged. Moreover, unhealthy employees will take more leaves, making your organization less productive. Gamification can be used ideally to help employees develop healthy habits, increasing their overall well-being.

Organizations are innovating with Gamified health and wellness programs like weight loss challenges, step count leader-boards, etc. These Gamified programs serve as a motivator for employees who seek gratification at the workplace. When Gamification is applied to improve the everyday lives of your employees, they will naturally be more diligent and active towards their job responsibilities. Because, in the end, employees will care for your business growth, when you care for them.

At Azilen, we believe that Gamification can skyrocket productivity, engagement and revenues off the charts. The use of Gamified elements in everything that happens at a workplace will give workers something to feel associated with, throughout their monotonous work days. Moreover, when they will get real-time feedback about what’s wrong, they would take corrective action, immediately. Just like everywhere, modern workplaces too need to be extremely responsive and Gamification can make it possible.

Discover how Gamification can transform your employee engagement efforts with our experts. Contact Now.

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