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How Chatbots Empower Healthcare Ecosystem?

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Ranging from high-end techniques for performing complicated operations to utilizing IT applications, Healthcare is the segment that leverages technology advantages at the most. For last few years, Chatbot is the hot technology trend benefiting to all healthcare providers, patients and community.

In real world scenario, healthcare Chatbots are high-yielding in areas where the user interactions are specific and their solutions are predictable. So far, intelligent Chatbots are effectively performing well in managing activities or operations such as:

  • Finding the relevant or specialist Doctor
  • Scheduling and managing the appointments
  • Diagnosing some of the common diseases
  • Offering medical advice for health-related issues
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Offering self-services to employees
  • Providing guidance about purchasing or servicing of medical equipment such as wheel chair or oxygen cylinders
  • Setting up auto reminders for medicines and appointments

How Chatbots are transforming the healthcare industry?

According to Conversa Health:

  • 83% of patients do not adhere to their care plan
  • 68% of physicians want to take advantage of patient-generated health data
  • 90% of patients want to self-manage their health with technology
  • $125 billion was spent on unnecessary office visits only in the United States

Chatbots have started delivering noticeable results in addressing several core challenges related to healthcare. Additionally, they are the new tools that help the healthcare organization in   keeping the pace with current trends to fetch the competitive advantage. They are contributing a major transformation by furnishing ease of operational excellence and advantages such as:

  • Improved services for patients through always-available virtual assistance and proactive human like patient interactions beyond geographical boundaries. They are excellent tools to handle large volume of inquiries, virtual healthcare discussions or requests without increasing the hospital’s team size
  • Strategic and simplified reach to patients through online communities and increased patient engagement, ultimately leading to better commercial advantage. Chatbots are efficient networking tool leveraging the broad spectrum of patients, their families and medical equipment ecosystem
  • Monitoring patient data and gaining insights about almost each factor related healthcare and medical science. Healthcare Bots can be programmed to perform such activities. They can produce error free insights along with saving the cost of performing other analyses activities
  • Easy and self-managed administration for hospital staff. Doctors and Nurses can have seamless access to information about visiting patients and their health conditions, scheduled and cancelled appointments etc.
  • Noticeable cost saving through drop in per query cost and faster respond time.

Why is it right time to initiate the Chatbot Development?

Technology is something ever changing phenomenon and sometimes several technologies sound to be overrated. It is much obvious for a healthcare organization to think:

  • Are their consumers (patients) ready to accept that Chatbot as a virtual assistant?
  • Will the Chatbot deliver expected outcomes?
  • What is the perception of various industries towards Chatbots?


Here are some interesting facts about AI enabled Chatbots

The perceptions of different industries about Chatbots

And finally,the anticipated cost saving factor

Characteristics of an efficient healthcare Chatbot that injects operational excellence and yields remarkable amount of cost saving

Service enhancement and compatible conversation offering based on data and analytic: The well-developed Chatbot records the data and trends, monitors the user interactions as a part of their self-learning process to respond the user. As a result, there is consistent enhancement in services based on real time data and its analytics.

More human: Chatbot conversations must be able to detect and respond the crucial emotional state of patients.

Intent Recognition: Ability to figure what the user is trying to ask or request. Even if the user uses unexpected phrase, the bot should be able to process the request by one or the another way

Logical Dialog Management: Ability to hold the meaningful conversation beyond simple question and answer

Platform for Versatile Interaction Channels: A platform that can easily connect desired social media and messing applications, organization’s web application and / or voice interface

Interesting conversational interface: Chatbots are not command driven programs anymore they are rather Virsual Assistant. For increased acceptance, a compelling conversational interface that produces relevant conversation with images and videos where applicable is one of the most significant aspect.

Efficient enough to automate the task: Well connected with back-end system, the Chatbot should automate the task by navigating the user to the perfect locus


Security & Compliance: Healthcare domain is a well regulated and data sensitive region. A highly secured Chatbot that also supports regulatory compliance processes

Context scalability: Ability to handle massive amount of data and context scalability are another vital characteristics of a value adding Chatbots

Key ingredients of a Chatbot developed based on AI structures

In the world of computer technology, interaction mechanism and visual layouts have been transited to intelligent conversation designing with the emergence of Chatbot.   Chatbot Development is generally based on key structures of AI:

How community is benefited due to healthcare Chatbots?

  • Elderly patients or people livening in rural area can easily get access to timely and effective healthcare
  • Patients can get continuous medical care even after getting discharge from hospital involving less or no human efforts
  • Healthcare hurdles caused due to geographical isolation or age impairments can be minimized
  • Seamless access to healthcare 24*7

How Azilen can contribute?

From exploration to implementation, Azilen assist the healthcare providers during each of the following AI application phases at their organization and deliver the fully working integrated technology solution.

  • Understanding the community and business value of a healthcare organization
  • Exploring all possibilities of applying conversational AI based on the 360-degree holistic analyses
  • End to end conceptualizing the Chatbots along with their customer journeys across all touch points
  • Bot development (both MVP & full scale) and implementation


As a reputed chatbot development company, Azilen holds capabilities to develop various types of clinically intelligent Chatbots to deliver smart and automated conversation experiences to both the patient and the healthcare personnel.


Chatbot with simulated intelligence can deliver a highly personalized conversational experience to the user while minimizing the workload of healthcare provider’s team. This blog is encompassing various aspects of healthcare Chatbot development. It also explains how a thoughtfully developed Chatbot can be a right fit for all delivering the value to the community.

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