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Top companies in canada
Sep 28, 2023

Azilen Technologies has been recognized by as one of the leading software development companies in Canada for the year 2023, securing a spot within the top 100.

Lavina Ramkissoon, #aiMOM & Futurist Leader, Joins Azilen Technologies to Unify African Tech Space
Jul 04, 2023
Lavina Ramkissoon, a conscious creator with expertise in psychology, technology, and economics, steps into the Azilen Team as Advisory Member to fuel Azilen’s ongoing commitment to humanizing technology and actively serving as a growth enabler for thriving African digital economy with the perfect blend of cutting-edge technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT and the finest software product engineering tactics, powered
How did Azilen's I3C Innovation Conclave Inspire Breakthrough Thinking?
Jan 20, 2023
Azilen has enthusiastically hosted I3C Innovation Conclave 2022: Ideate, Innovate, Implement, Celebrate!  It was an incredible opportunity to get together once again and bring in the best solutions for real-world problems for the engineering teams with the I3C Innovation conclave!  What is Azilen's I3C Innovation Conclave all about?  The concept:  “Ideate to create a better