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Top 4 Retainers to Choose the Right Mobile Application Platform

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It’s a no secret that your business needs a mobile presence but which platform to choose? iOS, Android, Blackberry? What is the right platform? Does anyone use windows phone? Well the real question is what is right for your business? The answer is it depends on your business and purpose.

It really is a balancing act of your requirements and desires, of expectations and constraints.

To consider the best suitable among the competing platforms we need clear – eye assessment of the following:

1. Be there where your users are:

While selecting the app platform one should always consider the target audience based on certain parameters like age group, geographic location, employment type, lifestyle and income.

If you are targeting mass market consumer audience, iOS and Android are the big players, with the maximum momentum and broadest reach and if you’re targeting the business community then Blackberry would be the best choice.

2. Know the technical strengths or limitations of your applications:

  • Do you want to go limitless over application’s operations?
    Android being open source provides huge flexibility and opportunity for developers to customize the default functionality of the platform like call manager, sms manager or building a completely new and innovative design interface.

On the other hand iOS is being bound to certain protocols defined by Apple and if the developer fails to follow them, it is very likely that the application might not get approved on AppStore.

  • Do you want to develop a Game or an Animation application?
    In case you want to build a game or an animation application, Flash or Shockwave support plays a very important role in it. In that case iOS should not be considered, whereas other 3 platform provides full support for flash.
  •  Is your app communicating with other apps?
    If your application needs to communicate with other apps or share data with each other, then iOS should not be your choice as this feature is provided in android, windows or blackberry but not iOS.
  •  Will your app deal with secure information?
    For applications which need high and tight security, one should go for iOS or Blackberry over android where hackers stand a chance to break through the security.
  •  Are you looking for crisp graphics and attractive design?
    There is no second thought that iOS leads in case of design and usability. Followed by Android, windows and lastly Blackberry as its keypad plus touch based and it becomes gets very tedious to develop applications with two kinds of user interactions.

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3. Do you want to charge for your app?

Generally iOS users are more willing to pay for an app as compared to Android and other platform users.

4. Long term health of platform:

One of major retainer is future prospects and stability of the mobile platform. Mobile industry brings so many challenges on a daily basis which is a major reason to think for long term health of the platform.

For instance, Microsoft who was considered as the leader few years back now seems to loose way to current hot favorite, Google Android. For Blackberry, looking at the current consumer market status, it’s a shocking fact that this platform might disappear under your feet before the end of 2013.

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