We are taking GITEX personally. Are you?
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  by Editorial Team  October 17, 2013

We are taking GITEX personally. Are you?

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Well you would have already heard all about it, the BIG event – GITEX Technology Week 2013, but let us take a moment here to tell you about two specific questions,

1.     Out of all expo’s happening round the year, why should you visit GITEX?
2.     The way they say “Empowering. Connecting. Entertaining”, well is it justified?

As for the first question, GITEX Technology Week is at forefront of industry integration and leadership. It has been heralded as the largest ICT event in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and one of the most prominent events around the globe. GITEX provides a leading platform for ICT professionals from around the world to meet and review a phenomenal showcase of services and solutions.
Well that’s all good to hear but the real question is will there be an efficient lead generation for me? Will my business increase if I visit the expo? Here’s the trick, considering the era of technology we are in rat race won’t bring in more business and definitely not persistent business. To innovate is the only key to survival. Be it the thought process, the delivery, support or marketing at any phase of a project continuous innovation and persistent support will keep you a step further in the competition.

Companies like ours with unique skill set and innovation in their DNA can provide unparalleled services to you and your clients and what better place to be than at GITEX, where all new innovations, ideas, technologies and companies meet at one place, under one roof.

It’s not us, the stats says the same!!!

  • 97% visitors from the last time consider GITEX a “must attend event for technology”.
  • 139,000 + ICT Professionals from 144 countries
  • 3,500 + ICT companies form 54 countries

These are just to state a few…

As for the second question, considering the stats above GITEX is definitely connecting. It helps integrate thought processes, skill set and products to disrupt and then re-create something even better and bigger. For organizations like us, it is key place where innovation is valued because empowerment can only be achieved when multiple facets of idea come together to integrate the technology, service, marketing into one bundle.

Meet us, Speak to us and Envy us!! We are going to be there to grab every single opportunity.
Will you?

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