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Top 7 Best Wealth Management Software Solutions and Their Most Recent Tech and Business Strategic Move

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This blog is exclusively for product owners looking for inspiration, want to stay ahead of the curve, or just want to see what’s hot in the market.

Knowing the latest product innovation is key to enhancing strategic moves and keeping your business competitive.

That’s why we’re going to dive into some of the coolest wealth management software (and even some FinTech products) that are changing the game in finance management.

Top 7 Best Wealth Management Software Solutions (and Their Strategic Move)

Wealthfront is a wealth management software solution founded in 2008.

It helps you manage your investment portfolio based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Wealthfront offers various services including automated investing, cash management accounts with high interest rates, and tax-loss harvesting to optimize your investment returns.


🤖 Strategic Tech Move

Wealthfront has recently introduced an innovative Automated Bond Ladder, marking a groundbreaking approach for investors to leverage US Treasuries to optimize the interest on their surplus funds.

This new addition offers a liquid, low-risk option for generating a consistent yield, providing greater tax efficiency compared to a savings account or certificate of deposit.

Betterment is an automated investing platform that offers a variety of features to help you manage your money.

It uses robo-advisors to create and manage investment portfolios based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.

They also offer tax-loss harvesting to minimize your tax burden.

But what makes it unique is that you can invest in cryptocurrency alongside stocks and bonds.


📈 Strategic Business Move

Betterment recently announced that it has reached an agreement with Goldman Sachs to acquire Marcus Invest’s digital investing accounts.

Marcus Invest, which offers digitally customized investment portfolios to consumers, will transfer these accounts to Betterment in the coming months.

“This acquisition further cements our leadership in the digital investing space,” said Sarah Levy, Betterment’s CEO. “We are excited to welcome these customers to Betterment where our scalable technology platform will continue to support them on their investing journeys.”

Designed for beginner investors, Stash helps you to invest in thousands of stocks and ETFs with fractional shares.

This means you can invest any amount you’d like, making it accessible even with limited funds.

What’s interesting is that Stash prioritizes financial education.

They provide personalized guidance, educational articles, market insights, and access to tips from financial advisors – all within the app.


🤖 Strategic Tech Move

Stash recently launched StashWorks, a new employer benefit platform that empowers salaried and hourly workers to improve their financial well-being.

StashWorks simplifies saving for millions of employees, eliminating stress and encouraging financial and professional success.

Addepar is an open architecture, multi-product tech, and data platform – best for viewing complex client portfolios holistically.

It delivers wealth managers rich data aggregation with maximum flexibility and scalability so that you can do what you do best, even better.

Their clients include private banks, investment advisors, family offices, and large financial institutions.


📈 Strategic Business Move

Addepar recently announced that it has been selected by Corient Private Wealth LLC (“Corient”), a leading U.S. wealth management firm serving high- and ultra-high-net-worth clients, as its central platform for client portfolio data aggregation and performance reporting.

“Through this partnership, our advisors and clients will have access to unrivaled reporting and high-quality data analysis from Addepar’s market-leading technology,” said Lennie Gullan, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Corient.

Avaloq Wealth is a wealth management software solution, used by banks and other financial institutions to manage the entire investment process for their clients – from onboarding to portfolio management.

It enables wealth managers to design custom investment strategies for each client, ensuring consistency across all teams involved.

Furthermore, its built-in risk analysis and monitoring tools help wealth managers maintain control throughout the investment process.

avaloq wealth

📈 Strategic Business Move

Security Bank and Avaloq partner to drive digital change in wealth management. The alliance will improve customer satisfaction while simplifying the bank’s operations.

The bank’s new wealth management framework will automate and unify procedures, allowing Security Bank to provide a comprehensive range of tailored investment advice services and solutions to its high net worth and wealthy clientele.

This wealth management software solution is specifically designed for financial advisors.

It offers a suite of tools for tasks like financial planning, reporting, and client management.

The platform is known for its focus on data integration, allowing advisors to access and utilize all their client information in one place.

Advisor 360

📈 Strategic Business Move

Advisor360 announced that Abbe Gálvez Cordón has joined as Senior Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development.

“Abbe’s experience and strategic acumen are exactly what we envisioned when we were developing this new role. I look forward to working closely with her during this exciting time for our company.” – Mike Fanning, Chief Executive Officer at Advisor360.

FNZ’s technology platform offers services like investment management, tax optimization, and administrative functions, all delivered through a cloud-based system.

They partner with over 650 financial institutions and 12,000 wealth managers, allowing over 24 million people to invest and manage their money.

Their focus on innovation and ease of use has helped them become a major player in democratizing wealth management, making it more accessible to a wider range of investors.


📈 Strategic Business Move

FNZ has officially acquired ifsam, International Fund Services and Asset Management, recognized as a leading business-to-business (B2B) fund platform based in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg.

This strategic move comes as FNZ seeks to fortify its global presence and enhance its comprehensive wealth management services.

A Look at the Latest Breakthroughs in Leading FinTech Products

So far, we’ve been discussing wealth management software solutions.

But now let’s explore some FinTech products that are driving change with tech innovation and smart business strategies.

This will give you a good sense of what’s happening in the FinTech world, eventually helping you make more informed and impactful decisions for your next tech and business moves.

1️⃣ Payhawk, a $1 billion corporate card startup, plans an M&A shopping spree after 86% sales growth. (Source)

2️⃣ Mastercard and AfDB launch MADE Alliance to boost digital access in Africa. (Source)

3️⃣ Zūm Rails, a company merging open banking and instant payments through an all-in-one payments gateway, has launched large-scale banking as a service (BaaS) project. (Source)

4️⃣ Partnership between allpay and the Bank of London will simplify payments in the UK social housing market. (Source)

5️⃣ Mastercard has achieved a new milestone in its crypto endeavor as its Crypto Credential offering, first announced at Consensus 2023, has officially gone live. (Source)

6️⃣ EBANX, a global cross-border payments fintech, has teamed up with Ozow, South Africa’s instant EFT payments provider to enhance digital payments in South Africa. (Source)

7️⃣ Starling Bank’s technology arm, Engine, is partnering with Ozone API, the open banking company, to integrate its platform into Engine’s SaaS core banking platform. (Source)

8️⃣ Fuse, launched in January 2023, aims to facilitate cross-border payments for global businesses, particularly focusing on the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region. (Source)

9️⃣ Moody’s has launched a new sanctioned securities screening capability aimed at enhancing investment decision-making workflows for asset managers. (Source)

🔟 Liminal, a leader in horizontal GenAI data security, has announced the successful raising of more than $5m in an oversubscribed seed funding round. (Source)

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