Buy Now Pay Later - Alternative Credit & Payments

Usage of Plastic money has been a popular way of purchasing goods in the last decade. However, in many cases, this led to a huge amount of debt. Hence, the new Gen Z prefers to use an alternative payment option i.e. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) to reduce the risk of debts. Azilen with its Fintech competence has successfully delivered one such solution providing consumers with an On-demand finance option.


The Customer based in South Africa is one of the leading digital banking solution providers with a deep background in financial services & payment technology. The customer aims to deliver a world-class payment solution that is superior & easily adaptable by consumers & merchants.

Azilen collaborated with the customer to build a state-of-the-art Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment system, feasible & integrable with any of the E-commerce stores. This solution brings in a payment revolution enabling the consumers to have an interest-free payment plan & merchants to boost their sales.

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Key Highlights

PCI Compliant

Multi-Party Transactions

Historical Payment Data Mgmt.

Consumer Credit Score Analysis

Automated Merchant Settlement

Financial Reporting & Accounting


  • Consumer Data Sovereignty
  • Fraud & Risk Prevention
  • Multi-technology Integration
  • Transactional Info. Encryption

The Solution

The customer was looking for a payment gateway that attracts the consumers to Buy More from various E-commerce marketplaces. Hence, the idea was formulated to build an innovative BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) Payment System that provides Interest-free finance options to the consumers on their purchases.

Strategic engagement was established between Azilen & Customer to build a cutting-edge BNPL Payment System. A Next-gen solution catering to all the modern needs of the Consumers and Merchants, accelerating the entire Payment industry & uplifting the Fintech trend.

The developed BNPL Payment System offered a flexible infrastructure, easy to integrate with Custom CMS or E-commerce platform build with :



  • Payment Flexibility
  • Interest-Free Credit
  • Scheduled Payments
  • One-stop solution for all purchases
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience
  • Easy Refund on Order Return
  • Secured Transactions



  • Easy Payment System Integration
  • New Shoppers - Incremental Sales
  • Higher Conversion with Bigger Carts
  • Hassle-Free Payment Settlements
  • Zero Credit or Fraud Risk
  • Consumer Loyalty
  • Increased Repurchase Rate

Thought Leadership

Consumers are weary of credit cards and the interest that comes with them. However, they are highly interested to explore an alternative payment option that provides a similar purchasing experience. Also, eTailers can boost online sales by fostering trust and offering financial flexibility to its consumers. This brings in to hop aboard the trending BNLP services that help:

  • Consumers to have Interest Free Installments
  • The best option for unexpected or emergency purchases
  • Merchants to lower consumers buying hesitation
  • To entice the consumer to increase average order value

The key functional features of this solution include following:

E-commerce Store Checkout

Pay in Full

Acquire Finance for Purchase

Consumer Registration & Verification

Credit Score Analysis

Make Payment

Transaction Receipt

Administration & Reporting

E-commerce Store Directory

Merchant Daily Payment Transaction

Email/SMS notifications

Costumer & Merchant Management

Financial Reports

Customer Portal

Order History & Payment Plan

Due installments for Purchases

Advanced Payment

Order Return & Refund Request

Merchant Portal

Order History by Consumers

Received Payment from Payment Solution

Manage & Process Refunds

Refund Payment Settlements

Salient Characteristics

  • Asynchronous Architecture
  • SSL Encryption
  • PnP (Plug n Play) Setup
  • Optimized Performance
  • Secure & Confidential



Boost In Sales


Active Consumer Base


E-Commerce Store Integration