Agile Automated
Regression Testing Solution





About Client

A leading wealth management solution provider specializing in providing wealth data aggregation and reporting tool to
ultra HNIs and financially affluent individuals

The client offers complex wealth data aggregation solutions and customized, reporting solutions that offer great customer service experience.


The client was looking for an automated testing tool for its dedicated solutions to increase the speed, efficiency and reduce the testing burden. The task came with a set of unique challenges as under:

  • The tool would have to conduct bulk testing on multiple environments and 800+ test cases. The skilled staff was performing the task manually leading to a wastage of time and resources.
  • Increase in volume and complexity with release of latest version of a product
  • Testing app functionalities on different environments, OSs and browsers.


Team Azilen came up with an automated regression testing solution for quality assurance and independent testing. The agile based testing solution made it possible for the client to execute test cases simultaneously, reducing the time required. The system automated repetitive tasks, reduced testing burden, increased delivery speeds and promised quality application delivery.

  • Conducted proof-of-concept for assessing automation feasibility and expanding scope of automated regression testing
  • Robust and open source software testing framework for GUI testing and ease of operations
  • Use of Page Object Model Framework for easy test maintenance and reduction of duplicate code
  • Use of Selenium automation framework with Saucelabs for running test cases on multiple environments, simultaneously
  • Use of Jenkins to continuously build test projects and speeding up the process of integrating changes in a project
  • Continuous, quick and easy data integration for fast testing leading to reduction in infrastructural costs.

Tools & Technologies

  • - Selenium Automation
  • - Page Object
      Model Framework
  • - Saucelabs
  • - Jenkins
  • - Selenium Automation
  • - Page Object
      Model Framework
  • - Saucelabs
  • - Jenkins
Business Benefits & Success
  • Testing capabilities increased to support up to eight releases per month on an average
  • Consistently-performing applications across multiple environments
  • 6400+ test cases executed per month on an average
  • Successful testing of major changes on every update and revision
  • Quality product delivery in every release