Bio Data Acquisition Solution





About Client

A European smart card production company with a track record of successfully executing 600+ projects.

The client manufactures and sells products like smart cards, photography tools, ID solutions and access control systems.


Being one of the largest and oldest smart card producers in Europe, the client had a huge network of customers, employees and other stakeholders all over Europe. The client was looking for a smart solution to access hardware devices from a desktop and web application. The project came with the following challenges:

  • Integration of multiple standalone applications for capturing, processing and uploading of scanned images, fingerprints and IDs
  • Transfer of data from hardware directly to the website


Team Azilen evaluated the requirement and came up with an innovative, plug-in based technology system in the form of Bio Data Acquisition Solution. The solution allows users to capture biometric data using a hardware device through a Bio Data Acquisition System Software.

The solution also consists of an app that makes it easier to access hardware devices from a remote location using BAS web app. A user can login to BAS web app and directly access hardware devices, capture images and upload data to the website.

  • Easy access and data transfer owing to support for multiple hardware and web browser
  • Seamless integration with multiple third-party applications and websites
  • Bundled package offering a wide range of solutions e.g. fingerprint scanner, passport scanner, TWAIN functionality for accessing hardware and high-speed data upload.
  • Plug-in based architecture for higher flexibility and scalability quotient
  • Quick data sync between multiple users because of client-server based component model
  • Browser-independent web application

Tools & Technologies

  • - Microsoft .NET
  • - Microsoft Visual Studio
  • - Microsoft Silverlight
  • - HTML5
  • - Microsoft .NET
  • - Microsoft
      Visual Studio
  • - Microsoft
  • - HTML5
Business Benefits
  • kind-enterprise solution for instant hardware access and quick data transfer via website
  • Enhanced efficiency and resource optimization due to simplified and efficient workflow and process
  • Diversified business operations due to high scalability quotient
  • Ease of access owing to support for multiple devices like scanners, cameras, fingerprint scanning devices, etc.
  • Single interface solution promising cost effectiveness and easy maintenance