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About Client

A leading IT company based in Europe engaged in providing quality IT products and services to global clients for more than 8 years.

The client was looking to integrate internal systems and wanted to streamline workflow for end-to-end organizational management.


  • The client didn’t have a holistic platform for employee management and was looking to enhance the current workflow into an enterprise level intranet solution.
  • The client wanted a solution to handle and address employee grievances, manage leaves, streamline attendance and report department related work issues.


Team Azilen came up with a Liferay-based internal employee management system with enrollment, leave, attendance management and grievance redressal features. As the solution was designed with end-user in mind, it promoted streamlined workflow management and served as an enterprise-wide knowledge base.

  • Powerful employee management system to track and record attendance, leaves, working hours, project hours along with performance analysis and work report generation
  • User-centric workflow management using Liferay workflow APIs for enhanced user experience
  • Role-based content delivery for various stakeholders like employees, customers and partners via personalized portals for higher productivity, minimal delay and enhanced user experience
  • Complete process automation for interdepartmental processes for improved employee efficiency and alignment of processes with organizational goals

Tools & Technologies

  • - Mysql
  • - JBoss
  • - Liferay
  • - Mysql
  • - JBoss
  • - Liferay
Business Benefits
  • Streamlined business operations and enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved inter-departmental communication for updating content and tracking queries
  • Greater level of transparency leading to reduction in time taken to process requests
  • Self-governed work management due to efficient, simplified and intuitive interface
  • Reduced operating costs and upfront investment due to open source development model
  • Reduced employee training costs due to standardized document management, social and collaboration features for employee training
User Benefits
  • Simplified leave application and grievance management system
  • Streamlined information and knowledge sharing among colleagues for enhanced connectivity
  • Higher employee engagement via announcement and organization of group activities and fun polls