Enterprise Portal

Azilen developed a Liferay based portal which can act as internal employee management system. The system has the feature for enrollment, attendance, leave management and grievance redressal. The application has user oriented workflow management and acts as enterprise wide knowledge base.
  • The client is a Europe based leading IT company providing quality products and services successfully for more than 8 years.

  • There was a need to enhance and integrate all internal systems and workflow to an enterprise level intranet for complete organizational management.

  • The client didn't have any common platform where the employees could file their issues for minor department related work; leave management system, grievance redress system, attendance system etc.

  • The employee management system is an end to end solution that tracks and records the attendance, leaves, working hours, project hours etc. along with doing performance analysis and providing work report.
Workflow Management
User Driven Workflow Management
  • Along with extensive user experience, Azilen’s solution allows the user to govern the workflow in line with their each specific functional requirement. The user can:

  • Incorporate workflow into any of their own custom portlets by leveraging Liferay's workflow APIs

  • Decide the number of approval path based on their business requirements and operational needs

  • Enables various types of data like documents, Wiki posts, blogs, etc. to require an approval process

Content Delivery
Role based Content
  • Role based content delivery to customer, employee and partner through their individual portals

  • Unlimited possibilities to view and access permission based relevant information

Complete Process Automation
  • Complete automation of the internal as well as inter departmental processes, minimizing undue delays and increasing productivity

  • A highly secured solution with total control over privacy or visibility all pages, sections and contents of solution

User Benefits
User Benefits
  • With the help of this intranet solution, employees can easily apply for leave or file their grievances thus being more empowered.

  • The users can also use the intranet for knowledge sharing purpose and can thus mutually be connected to their colleagues and get their opinions on some ideas. Thus the solution helps to foster a feeling of connectivity among the employees.

  • The intranet portal can also be used for employee engagement activities, for announcing or organizing group activities or take fun polls. Thus our solution helps in employee engagement.

Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • A cost effective solution with quick ROI

  • Streamlined processes and increased employee productivity enabled the client to deliver next level services

  • Enhanced transparent communication between departments resulted as escalated operational efficiency

Tools & Technologies
Tools Technologies