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Solution Persuing

This Nordic based service provider enables solution seeking organizations of any size to touch base innovators with their problems. Moreover, it also allows organization to explore challenges, request for proposal and needs of various companies in the fields like R&D and other operational areas. To keep it simple, it has established stage where the companies seeking solutions could interact with the companies providing relevant solutions. The organization with B2B and B2C business model are prominent users of this system to find or provide enterprise solution.
  • Earlier the work processes were based on sort of distributed systems, where users had to work on different platforms. Manual interventions were required to transfer huge critical data from one solution to another simultaneously communicating with stakeholders, which was time consuming. In addition, the possibility of data security breach was also one of the reasons to opt for an ideal alternative. Hence, there was a need to create a single meeting place where businesses seeking solution and solution providers could gather, collaborate, and exchange proposals & solutions. Based on it, the system will populate matching stocks to the users.

  • 1
    A Liferay portal solution integrated with MySQL database
  • 2
    Secured Log in and authentication either as the client or as the solution provider
  • 3
    End to end management of all processes from requirement posting to solution obtaining in a feature rich user interface
  • 4
    Preference based search functionality, View of latest requirements postings, RFPs and solution offers
  • 5
    Additional features such as Discussion Boards and Sponsor Lists with hindrance free communication provisions
  • 6
    Quick and well defined workflow between stakeholders with endless head-to-head possibilities
business benefits
  • Much lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Enabled the growth of a powerful online business community

  • Increased reachability of organizations to innovative resources resulted as client value creation

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