Student Assessment Solution
for Education Institutions





About Client

The client is focused on delivering high-quality education-centric technology products for
primary schools, nurseries, international schools, secondary schools and SEN institutions.

The client was seeking a solution that assists teachers in the classrooms to assess the performance of students in real time through technology.


Creating an app for teachers to assess student performance came up with unique challenges concerning user friendliness and flexibility.

  • • As teachers are not expected to use solution on-spot, it was essential to create a solution that is easy-to-use and can be flexible in terms of evaluation options.
  • • Need for web and mobile interface that users can access via smartphones, tablets as well as desktops for enhanced functionality and mobility.



Team Azilen came up with an innovative online solution- Classroom Monitor to help teachers record and assess student performance. The solution tracks progress, records scores and evidence of improvement in learning capabilities.

With the help of Classroom Monitor, teachers can speedily and easily track pupil assessments and record real-time learning evidence in the form of audio clips, videos and photos.

Feat ures

  • • Easier school and curriculum management based on board standards
  • • Student performance evidence recording, managing and sharing with parents and other teachers with embedded audio/video proofs
  • • Student performance report emailing to parents
  • • Formative assessment generation
  • • Sort learning evidence based on specific requirements
  • • Multiple assessment grades based on individual student’s performance
  • • Automatic synchronization of data for school users
  • • Easy pupil tracking and search functionality with different parameters

Tools & Technologies

  • - iOS
  • - Android
  • - SQLite
  • - iOS
  • - Android
  • - SQLite
Benefits to Educational Institutions
  • Easy access via iOS and Android mobile applications
  • Convenient individual and group student assessment tracking
  • Audio/Video evidence recording in real time
  • Easy to check improved learning outcomes
  • Better alignment of curriculum to individualistic student needs
  • Secure data storage in cloud server
  • Offline connectivity ensures round-the-clock access without the internet