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About Client

The client is a US-based software company that is involved in the development of software products that
facilitate content distribution and data collection from customers. The client follows a hybrid model
using interaction platforms such as tablets and digital assistants at physical locations for
publishing content and gathering feedback.

The client was looking for a cloud service platform that can control physical devices, distribute content and manage interactions remotely to improve user experience and streamline operations.


  • Add your con• Development of a content distribution platform for multiple industry segments
  • Powerful content editor with capabilities to embed and publish text, videos, images, shapes, charts and surveys
  • Cross-integration with various sources for consistent message delivery
  • User-friendly editor interface with development mode, ruler, vector alignment, drag and drop capabilities, etc.


Team Azilen realized the requirement of a single-window editor that can integrate various platforms, tools and elements to provide complete design control. Using JavaScript and other latest technologies, Team Azilen built a solution with powerful capabilities and features that give content developer complete power over the design experience.

Salient Features of the Solution

  • Single-window content editor with essential tools and data import/export capabilities
  • Complete design and presentation flow control with the creator
  • Reveal JavaScript feature for horizontal and vertical slide control
  • Basic templates for faster designing
  • Secure presentations
  • Capability to create and distribute live chart and interactive surveys

Tools & Technologies

  • - HTML
  • - Css
  • - JavaScript
  • - Mongo DB
  • - Node Js
  • - HTML
  • - Css
  • - JavaScript
  • - Mongo DB
  • - Node Js
Business Benefits
  • Single solution for targeting multiple customer segments
  • Real-time data collection from customer touch point
  • Easy distribution and management of in-store marketing messages remotely
  • Streamlined user experience for end-customers and better customer connect for companies