Intuitive, Fast & Criteria-based

Stock Search Engine





About Client

A UK-based leading stockbroker offering retail investors a reliable platform to sell funds,
shares and other financial products.


The client required a holistic system that facilitates its customers to search for a stock using specified granular criteria. The user specifies a criterion, defines acceptable range and in return gets the matching stocks. The system was required to deal with the following challenges:

  • The search solution had to screen multiple kinds of investment products like stocks, ETFs, funds, bonds, investment trusts, venture capital trusts, etc.
  • Dealing, managing and analyzing different criterion sets
  • Deliver real-time results with fast data access


As delivery of real-time results was required, it was needed that the solution accesses data from different sources, promptly. Team Azilen choose Solr over conventional RDBMS databases for data indexing and storage to speed up data access. Solr speeds up the text search process and provides needed scalability. The major highlights of the solution are as follows:

  • Data sourced from multiple public data sources such as Thomson Reuters, Digital Look, Proquote, Morningstar, InteractiveData, etc.
  • Various kinds of data were merged, flattened and injected into different Solr cores based on stock types
  • Central Solr server used for indexing and storing the data over traditional RDBMS databases to fetch all the data quickly.
  • Deployment of multiple Solr cores as the solution dealt with different kinds of stock types and criterion

Tools & Technologies

  • - PHP
  • - Handlebars
  • - Apache
  • - Solr
  • - HTML 5
  • - PHP
  • - Handlebars
  • - Apache
  • - Solr
  • - HTML 5
Business Benefits
  • Real-time stock data delivery from multiple sources
  • Robust & advanced backend system
  • Increased usability of the platform