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HRTech Las Vegas 2023 Event

hrtech las vegas event
hrtec las vegas event

Our HRTech Software Product Engineering Spectrum

HRTech Product Consulting

Strategic HRTech innovation with a blend of technology! That is needed for your business and product to be on its peak.

Our HRTech product consulting service is hassle-free & flexible at the same time and it is mainly focused on solving your business and technology challenges.

To be specific, enhancing your process and fueling your product’s growth are what we take ownership of!

Fueled by Ideate, Innovate and Implement approach, we facilitate HRTech product consulting in following 5 stages.

1. Pre-Preparation
2. Workshops
3. Research and Analytics
4. Conclusion & Documentation
5. Implementation strategy

HRTech Product Engineering

Technology enablement for sustainable HRTech product development.

Our HRTech product development services are aimed at designing, engineering, supporting, and evolving enterprise software products.

We manage, monitor and control HRTech product lifecycles with our proven processes and cross-functional teams blended in a collaborative development approach.

Powered by Lean Agile Methodology, our HRTech product development competence includes,

1. Full Stack Development
2. HRTech Software Integration
3. Support & Enhancement
4. DevOps Implementation

Streamline your HR processes and boost efficiency with our HR System Integration service.

We seamlessly integrate diverse HR software solutions, allowing for the smooth flow of data and operations across your organization.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a unified HR ecosystem that enhances productivity, reduces errors, and empowers your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives.

We offer both custom and Accelerator integration solutions while keeping your exclusive use cases of highly customized HRTech product in mind.

Here are what we bundle with any type of integration solution you will opt-in,

1. Unmatched scalability
2. Accurate data sync in real-time
3. High system uptime

User Experience

Place where creativity meets technology. An experience carved with engaging user journey.

A great design is a combination of look and feel. The design approach and best practices we follow take into account, the Look: with a User Interface (UI) that’s flawless | Feel: with seamless User Experience (UX).

The outcome is a marvelous design driving a remarkable user experience.

Aiming to deliver a consistent experience across Web | Mobile | Tablet | Desktop | Wearables | Kiosk, we help HRTech product companies with,

1. UX Strategy
2. Multi Experience Design
3. UX Audit & Validation
4. UX Rejuvenation

Test Automation

Ensuring quality is an intrinsic feature of your HRTech product while saving QA testing time with Test Automation!

QiP (Quality in Practice) is the base foundation for our QualiTech strategy and an approach consolidating the core principles of quality engineering to deliver product excellence.

Test Automation embedded into full-cycle QA assures zero human errors, swift feedback, high reusability, and increased reliability.

Our NextGen Test Automation Suite is exclusively devoted to your products quality.

1. QA Consulting
2. QA Process Planning
3. Domain-driven Test Strategy
4. Audit & Governance

Pro Modernization

We foster your HRTech product, in the midst of a world where change is the only constant.

Our modernization service makes your product flexible, agile, and future-ready to scale within the business ecosystem.

Azilen with over a decade-long experience delivering numerous modernization projects successfully has eminently prevailed over the most challenging hurdles and helped its customers across the globe to thrive in the competitive markets.

Our Pro Modernization service is deeply rooted in 3 core pillars which are,

1. Blue Printing
2. Experience Enrichment
3. Technology Enrichment

Our Tech Mastery, Your Product Victory

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We are PROEngineers, Building
World-Class HRTech Products!

Azilen Technologies is a Product Engineering company. We collaborate with organizations to propel their software product development journey from Idea to Implementation and all the way to product success.

From consulting to UX engineering, software design & development, test automation, DevOps, and modernization of software products, we engage with product companies to build a competitive advantage with the right mix of technology skills, knowledge, and experience.

Domain expertise, agile methodologies, and cross-functional teams blended in a collaborative development approach are our vanguards of engineering, managing, monitoring, and controlling product lifecycles for startups and enterprises.

Highly scalable and future-fit products that too with faster-go-market are what we deliver by letting in-house teams of product companies focus on core product expansion & growth while we manage and support the technology in parallel.