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Hire-Safe With Smart Background Checks

A whopping 94% of businesses conduct background check according to a survey conducted by PBSA & HR.com. Along with employers conducting the Background Checks (BGC), trend of SSI (Self-sovereign identity) is growing at a rapid rate wherein individuals are able to conduct the BGC and control all its information. With consideration of these modern trends, and Azilen’s extensive capability within BGC industry, a visionary solution was designed catering to the growing needs of employers and candidates.

Business Scenario.

The customer based in US is a renowned employment screening provider operating in BGC industry for over 2 decades serving some of the fortune 1000 companies. Customer ideated an inventive concept to formulate an extensive BGC solution with automation at its core and adapting to all the latest trends, providing superior experience to employers and candidates.
Azilen, undertook this assignment to implement a coherent platform that functioned flawlessly supporting
multiple stakeholders and BGC vendors. An optimum platform was designed that provides employers a
holistic framework to manage the checks and at the same time providing a self-service platform for
candidates to conduct their own BGC.

Key Highlights.

Self BGC for
30+ Types of
BGCs Supported
Platform wide
Support Service


  • Platform Modernization: Monolithic to
    Scalable Microservice Architecture
  • End-to-End Automated Workflow
  • Dynamic Business Rules Engine
  • Automated Work Distribution
  • API Service box


“Hire-Safe with Smart Background Check” is a newfangled concept focused primarily on 2 facets addressing to the modern industry trends:
Candidate Centric
Provide frictionless experience for individuals to conduct their own Background Checks. An optimal path wherein individuals can own, manage, securely store and digitally share their BGC record on a trusted network.
Employer Centric
A robust and highly-customizable platform bringing multiple stakeholders under a single roof assisting employers to meet their day-to-day BGC needs with enhanced turn-around time.
Both the above facets were dynamically driven with 50+ vendor integrations induced with automated workflows. With each vendor responsible to handle the requested type of check and provide report either directly to the candidates or to the employer.

Types of Background Checks.

1PersonalBackground Checks
2 i-9 Verification
3OIG search & Healthcare Sanctions BGC
9MVR Checks
The entire solution was built on 2 different platforms- Native mobile app and cloud-based web app providing state-of-the-art user experience.
The flow between multiple stakeholders was driven as below:
Employer Portal
for organizations to manage their internal user groups/tenants. Recruiters can generate BGC requests right from their ATS for the candidates and check on progress for the same. The details to be availed from candidates and its progress were also governed via the ATS or the employer portal.
Candidate App
  • To conduct self-background checks by selection of the best vendors based on intelligent ratings. Also, have the ability to have real time arrest monitoring and a digital wallet to store and securely share the BGC reports with employers or any other 3 rd party.
  • Candidates were also able to view the requests from employers to fill in the details for the checks requested by recruiter
for platform owner to configure/manage the business rules & administer and govern all the other stakeholders of the platform. The High-volumed BGC requests were managed with Automated work distribution process.
Integration Engine
with 50+ Vendor Integrations facilitated different types of checks requested by employers or candidates. This integration functioned by API integration with vendors system or providing them access to custom vendor portal.

Thought Leadership.

Hiring an ideal candidate not only serves your capability needs, but it can save a lot of time in long run & mitigate future threats. Top background screening providers are the once those who employ techniques and utilizes advanced technology that drastically improve the accuracy and turn-around time of check results. The right mix of a robust platform, adaption to growing HR trends and skilled team yield the best outcome. An indispensable eco-system for any BGC provider shall be equipped with platform that:
  • Has frictionless process that in turn increases productivity
  • Manages larger volume of BGC with Automated workflows
  • Provides easy and on-demand plug-and play integrations
The key functional features for each of these portals are as follows:
  • ATS Integrations
  • Request & Track new BGC
  • Subscription & Payments
  • Reporting
  • Self BGC & Arrest Monitoring
  • Payment & Invoices
  • View Employer requests
  • Fill BGC information
  • Receive BGC requests
  • Generate & Share Report
  • Payment & Invoices
  • Manage Vendor Integrations
  • Define BGC Packages & Workflow
  • Reporting & Compliance


Centralized logging
& monitoring
Secure and
Centralized logging
& monitoring


Tools & Technologies.

.Net Core

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