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HRTech Las Vegas Event 2023 RSVP

after hours RSVP
after hours RSVP

Welcome to the HRTech Las Vegas Happy Hour!

As the stars of the HRTech universe align in Las Vegas, we understand that the true magic happens when like-minded professionals come together to share ideas, insights, and experiences.

Azilen’s happy hour is more than just a gathering; it’s an opportunity to connect, network, and inspire one another. It’s a chance to discover new horizons, challenge the status quo, and celebrate the incredible journey that is HRTech.

Also, it marks the celebration of HRTech Veteran, Steve Goldberg‘s, 4-decade of journey in HRTech.

So, as we raise a toast to the future of HR technology, let us remember that it’s the synergy of our collective efforts that propels us forward. Together, we can redefine HR and create innovative solutions that will shape the workplace of tomorrow.

Thank you for joining us tonight. Here’s to a memorable event🍾