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Adega collaborates with Azilen for Next Generation Point of Sale (POS)

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Adega GmbH is a leading solution provider with over 20 years of experience in enterprise retail. Adega collaborates with Azilen Technologies to implement next generation POS which:

  • Employs Technology Leadership
  • Create Better Customer Experience
  • Caters Full Service Retail
  • Create Smart & Intelligent POS

“Azilen has worked with leading global POS systems like MICROS, Aloha, Simphony, POSitouch, Vivonet, InfoGenesis and many more. We look upon to leverage this core strength in retail innovation at Adega. I am quite excited to set this as a new benchmark in retail industry.” Naresh Prajapati, CEO of Azilen Technologies

Adega aims to improve the efficiency of retail stores with this Next Generation POS, scalable for global market and match the latest technology trends. With this strategic partnership, Azilen will take up an end-to-end role right from product conceptualization strategy to implementation & support. The focus will be towards enhancing current retail processes and make them more intelligent through proprietary AI frameworks & Machine Learning algorithms.

“This collaboration brings in a perfect synergy with Adega’s retail domain and process experience along with Azilen’s technology and engineering experience. This will surely be an important success factor for this initiative.” Andrea Keller, CEO of Adega GmbH

Azilen has initiated the process with an insightful product visioning exercise ensuring 360° Analysis of the industry eco-system, market trends and Adega’s vision for 2020. As a result a structured product roadmap has been defined for Next-Gen POS solution.

Both Adega & Azilen have jointly defined a phased approach for the implementation through detailed workshop for requirements specification, technology architecture design & planning.

With strong engineering practices, cutting-edge technology experience and understanding of complete product development life cycle, Azilen is well prepared to support Adega to develop scalable product through MVP approach.

About Adega GmbH

Adega is a solution provider which specializes in retail industry. It offers wide range of enterprise business solutions which handle end to end processes in retail and POS domain.

Official Press Release: Adega Collaborates with Azilen for Next Generation Point of Sale (POS)

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