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Azilen hosted I3C – Hackathon 2022 to empower creative Engineering in Teams

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If you look at history, innovation does not come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect,” says Steven Johnson, an American author.

Innovation is the lifeblood of an Engineering company like Azilen. The best ideas often emerge from a collaborative thinking. Azilen’s Engineering teams had the best opportunity to get together and bring in best solutions for real-world HR problems. This was indeed powered by a digital collaborative experience through I3C: Ideate, Innovate, Implement & Celebrate – A one of its kind Hackathon at the start of the year 2022.

From Story to the Story Board

HR Tech being the most evolving domain undergoing a rapid digital transformation, it was an ideal choice as a “Theme” for this Hackathon.

16 teams with 82 Engineering minds constituting balanced teams with collective skills of Business Analyst, architects, designers, developers, QAs, business as well as HR team members; using this as an opportunity to build their strongest team. Extra emphasis was laid on building diverse teams with equal participation & learning opportunities.

Super motivated teams ensured to steer their brilliant minds and bring out the craziest ideas – brainstorm, discuss and validate the ideas. Mock-up rounds enabled the shortlisting of the strongest, most competitive and implementable solution ideas. With a rigourous exercise of 2 Weeks from Ideation to Research, Analysis and implementation, each team bundled their solutions with documentation, briefs, flowcharts, solution designs, Mock-ups, code repositories, demos and presentations and submitted for evaluation.

The 5 Minutes of FAME

Well, its a known fact that no matter how thoughtful the idea is, if you can convey the value proposition in the of 5 Minutes attention span that is what “Nails it down”.

All the hustle and bustle of 2 weeks boiled down to a 5-minute presentation & demo to an organization-wide audience. The power-packed morning session saw some brilliant HR Tech solution ideas ranging across the following areas

  • Smart Recruitment with Candidate engagement automation
  • Blockchain based Self-sovereign identity in Background Check
  • Employee Profiling & Engagement Platform
  • HR Analytics & Dashboard
  • Corporate Signage & Communication system
  • Smart CV Parsing & Info Extraction plugins
  • Employee Experience driven by Financial Wellbeing
  • Automated Resource Allocation & Management

360° Evaluation – from business impact to implementation

Based on the evaluation of the work packets submitted by teams, the presentation, Q & A and a detailed deliberation and more than 8 Nominations, the jury panel finally announced the Winners as Top 4 “Geniuses” in

  • Invention – New to the world
  • Enablement – Innovative solution to a known problem
  • Tenacity – Idea taken to a substantial implementation
  • Presentation – A holistic presentation of the solution

All in all, the participation and efforts from the teams was overwhelming and with this, it established an environment that could foster the creative thinking and collaboration amongst the team. This will surely bring confidence and learnings for our NextGen teams at Azilen where Employee growth is at the fore-front.

Hear it from our Teams

“We got some good deeper insights which helped polish our HR Tech knowledge.”

says Kutbi Panki, Technical Leader-Android (10 Years Experience)

“It was not just the IDEA which was evaluated. The holistic rationale, thought process and finally the value proposition was the combined Winning factor. This made it more challenging and competitive.”

says Darshit Rupapara, Presales Consultant (3 Years Experience)

“Getting to work with varied teams including business and HR team members brought some good learning experience to view the solution from different perspective.”

says Amita Maheshwari, HRBP Manager (7 Years Experience)

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