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How did Azilen’s I3C Innovation Conclave Inspire Breakthrough Thinking?

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Azilen has enthusiastically hosted I3C Innovation Conclave 2022: Ideate, Innovate, Implement, Celebrate! 

It was an incredible opportunity to get together once again and bring in the best solutions for real-world problems for the engineering teams with the I3C Innovation conclave! 

What is Azilen’s I3C Innovation Conclave all about? 

The concept: 

“Ideate to create a better future, Innovate to make it incredible, Implement to make it possible, and Celebrate to make it memorable!” 

The goal: 

The people-first approach is profoundly rooted at Azilen. 

We persistently endeavour to ensure the 360-degree development of our AziFamily and strive to grab each potential opportunity to foster their creativity and scalability.

The goal of this I3C Innovation Conclave was to create a functional proof-of-concept on any of the themes provided within the stipulated timeframe. 

This eventually would inspire creative and breakthrough thinking among AziFamily – investing 8 hours daily for 5 days a week to create a better tomorrow for the world. 

How did we kick it off?

With the diverse teams, 18 teams of PROEngineers were formed to work on the projects. 

Teams were encouraged to be comprised of members from various departments such as Development, Quality Analysts, Project Management, Business Analysis, and more. 

One of the reasons for building diverse teams was presenting the importance of business, strategic, operational and technical knowledge in solving a big problem. 

It’s teamwork that makes dream work! 

How did our PROEngineers engage? 


Stimulated teams employed their creative minds to develop innovative solutions – they discussed and assessed the ideas and narrowed them down to the most competitive and achievable ideas. 


After intensive research, analysis and implementation, the teams submitted their solutions with all the necessary documentation, briefs, flowcharts, design solutions, mock-ups, code repositories, demonstrations and presentations, ready for evaluation. 


A hive of activity of four weeks has tumbled down to a 12-minute presentation & demo to a wider audience. 

All the PROEngineers have managed their demonstration within the time frame and presented spectacular ideas across varied areas such as.  


Gradually we moved on to the third “I” of the I3C- Implement. As innovation cannot achieve its full potential until it is properly implemented and passed through 360-degree evaluation.  


All the presented ideas were reviewed and analyzed with an engaging Q&A session. 

Now there was an air of gravity, everyone has tightened their belts, and the competition was tough and breathtaking because amongst all these teams only 3 teams were going to win.


Finally, based on a multi-dimensional analysis of the solution created, jury members have announced the top 3 winning teams which were:  

  • Our Insite engineers have developed a mobile security framework for financial applications that offers app privacy, content security, and defence against tampering and reverse engineering.   
  • Our other team of PROEngineers has defined a world-class user interface and user experience for our internal accelerators. 
  • And another winning team has gamified how a software engineer can be rated making it an easy and joyful exercise for both evaluator and software engineers.

And finally, how did we conclude?  

As soon as the winners were revealed, the auditorium was filled with the pleasure and enthusiastic voices of Azilenites! 

What an energy of the I3C Innovation Conclave celebration! Such a lightning moment to celebrate the victory of each other by bucking up one another. 

We are proud to have all of the PROEngineers on board as Azilen’s strongest pillars. 

What were our teams’ post-event reactions and thoughts? 

“It was a great experience to work with tech enthusiasts and find solutions to a problem as a team, which allowed us to think differently than we usually do for our daily projects.” – Rahul Gogia

“There’s no better way to identify and learn about the industry challenges than by participating in an I3C conclave. It was an incredible opportunity to brush up on our skill set & grow the knowledge based on the unique problem statements/themes.” – Karan Soni

“It is always a great experience working with an innovative team with similar interests to solve real-life problems. Working in an intense environment, aiming at the big picture, and enhancing and demonstrating our skills made us one of the toughest competitors.” – Jaydeep Akhani

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