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Azilen partnered up with US Based Crafter Software Corporation to Accelerate Development of Content-Rich Digital Experiences

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Recently, Azilen Technologies has partnered up with US Based Crafter Software Corporation, the innovative provider of Web content management software used by leading enterprises to build and manage personalized digital experiences. Crafter’s innovative solutions collaborated with Azilen’s proficiency will provide the strategic advantage to enterprises through escalated digital experience and freedom to control each content centric affair at a significantly lower cost and time to market.

Digital content management has been facing number of complexity issues due to continuous evolving phase of user touch-points and channels. Crafter Software’s futuristic content management and personalization capabilities have got real potential to address all those challenges.

“The digital landscape as we know it has changed, and it’s now imperative that brands deliver compelling, personalized experiences,” said Russ Danner, VP of Products, Crafter Software. “Crafter CMS combined with Azilen’s expertise merge the best qualities of open source development speed, agility, innovation, and security. Together, we’re putting the power back in the hands of enterprises to allow them to control every experience throughout the customer journey.”

According to Azilen Technologies, Digital Experience Blueprints are all about technology enabled handling of customer requirements in a better way as well as to provide them end to end worth and value added customer experience. Both companies share common objective of enabling enterprises to leverage the utmost out of latest digital technologies.

Media Source: Crafter Software and Azilen Announce Partnership to Accelerate Development of Content-Rich Digital Experiences

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