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Azilen Technologies & GANTNER Announces Partnership

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Azilen Technologies, the global provider of high-end Product Engineering solutions announces its partnership with GANTNER (headquartered in Austria), the global leader in Access Control, Ticketing, Locking, and Cashless Payment Systems. The partnership will see Azilen share infrastructure and operational management with GANTNER, as they come together to offer market-leading solutions.

“Offering product engineering services since 2009 helps us understand the nuances of the industry and deliver solutions that enhance productivity. Azilen Technologies is proud to partner with GANTNER and add value to their ecosystem by offering best-in-class delivery, talent, and operational management to accelerate the product development goals of the existing Gantner team”, says Naresh Prajapati, CEO of Azilen Technologies.

The partnership will help GANTNER access the highly acknowledged and globally-trusted Delivery, Talent, and Operational Management expertise of Azilen. This will help GANTNER focus on the core business of building futuristic products and improve efficacy.

“Our partnership with Azilen Technologies comes at a very crucial time when the world is reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic and waves of uncertainty. We were looking for a partner who could understand our business as well as help us expand our India operations. Azilen Technologies complement us with their product engineering, delivery, operations, and process management expertise that will surely help us transcend our product development vision to the next level”, says Elmar Hartmann, CEO of GANTNER.


GANTNER is a world leader in access control, ticketing, locking, and cashless payment systems. They innovate pioneering products using RFID and NFC technologies and are committed to offering convenient and secure customer experience for their customers. They invest in continuous innovations to market and create tomorrow’s future-proof technologies.


Azilen Technologies is a high-end Product Engineering company trusted for their domain expertise in creating breakthrough solutions in the HR Tech, Automotive, Retail, FinTech, Hospitality, and Healthcare sectors; and long-term strategic vision with emerging technologies like AI, Big Data, and Internet of Things.

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