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What You Missed at the FinTech Meetup, Organized by Azilen – Top FinTech Software Development Company

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Saturday morning, light drizzle, low mercury, and gusty cold winds! 

The weather on the day of our FinTech meetup conspired against our commitment to discuss, learn, and share all-thing FinTech for 120 uninterrupted minutes.

Despite the inclement weather, the Azilen team, speakers, and attendees remained undeterred in their commitment to the meetup.

And their tenacity and passion paid off as the meetup proved to be successful, insightful, and engaging with over 100 attendees appreciating our initiative with their valuable presence.

So, here we – as a top FinTech software Development Company are happily sharing the key highlights of the FinTech meetup.

T-120 Minutes 

Azilen organizing team started showing up. Each member had a checklist to complete before the meetup would start at 10 AM.

Collectively, the team prepared the floor to welcome the attendees.


The best part was, the Azilen team deployed turn-by-turn navigation to assist attendees in finding the venue and their seats – all the way from parking to the registration desk.

T-40 Minutes 

Preyas and Hushen, our speakers of the meetup, arrived and were ready to take charge.

CTO of Azilen Technologies, Niket also made his mark.

While the IT setup was being tested, both speakers and Niket met the team organizing the meetup and were briefed on the arrangement carried out for the attendees.

T-20 Minutes 

With the clock nearing 10 AM, the first attendee made his arrival, followed by more attendees.

They were greeted with smiles, FinTech-themed laptop stickers, and a set of stationery items to keep a note of their learning during the event.

fintech meetup

T-2 Minutes 

The stage was set, with the first speaker Preyas already taking charge of the microphone.

fintech meetup

T+30 Minutes 

It was the conclusion of the first presentation of the day. Preyas captured the beautiful timeline of the FinTech revolution and shared what the future holds.

Here are the key takeaways:

1. Calculator is still the first ‘modern’ FinTech revolution.

2. Open banking drives FinTech disruption.

3. Regulations and cybersecurity are both challenges and FinTech trends.

4. Green FinTech has an amazing future ahead!

5. PWAs and FinTech – A perfect match!

6. QR code use cases in FinTech are not just limited to payment.

7. Tap 2 Pay is one of the greatest FinTech breakthroughs.

8. USSD in FinTech = Secured Transactions

9. Chatbot integration with FinTech application is appreciated by users.

10. Best FinTech application has native scalability.

T+90 Minutes 

The second speaker of the day Hushen presented detailed FinTech product architecture diagrams and examples curated from his 11+ years of product engineering experience for 60 minutes straight.

fintech meetup

He covered topics ranging from product architecture building best practices to tools and tech stack, followed by an important tip for choosing between monolithic and microservices.

Here are the key takeaways:

1. UPI-like platforms have made it easy to build international payment products.

2. Senders, sending partners, receiving partners, recipients, and a core system are involved in successful cross-border transactions.

3. Risk management platform must be part of FinTech architecture.

4. Setting up the partner restrictions is crucial.

5. Adapter layer facilitates seamless integration.

6. Adapter adapts to a request coming from sending partner and sends it to receiving partner.

7. There could be 300+ adapters there in FinTech architecture but it must not create a code mess.

8. Core platform performs currency exchange and billing operations.

9. FinTech architecture must have layers to be compliant with anti-money laundering acts.

10. One major use case of AI in FinTech is fraud detection.

11. Core database and partner database has a layer between them for real-time data sync.

12. Automated reconciliations must be a feature of any modern FinTech product.

13. Microservices + RESTful APIs + Rate Limiting + OAuth & OpenID Connect + API Gateway + API Versioning + API Monitoring + API Documentation = Strong Backend Architecture

14. Having microservices is not essential during the initial stage of your FinTech product. But build monolithic as potential microservices!

15. Branching strategies, CI/CD pipelines, disaster recovery, code quality, timeout settings, VAPT, high availability, and scalability are some of the major non-functional requirements.

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T+95 Minutes 

The stage was left open for attendees for asking questions to speakers and getting answers to their doubts.

From FinTech compliance to microservices patterns, attendees asked several interesting questions, answered brilliantly by speakers.

With more attendees joining the conversation, the floor turned into a most insightful place to be on Saturday morning!

fintech meetup

T+115 Minutes 

Azilen management team joined the stage and conferred the certificate to each attendee.

We later shared the digital copy of the certificate along with the attendee’s picture captured with the Azilen team to their email id so that they can cherish the memory.

fintech meetup

T+140 Minutes 

The meetup finished its run. And the team Azilen finally heaved a sign of relief. It was a very successful event, exceeding the expectations.

We each appreciated each other and thanked speakers for their time and for sharing the knowledge they have earned during their 1 decade of exposure to the IT industry.

To make this day more memorable and remember this not merely because of good weather, we flew off to the team lunch!

Tech and Architectures for NextGen Digital FinTech Ecosystem Meetup Team - Azilen Technologies.jpg

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