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India’s Leading Tech Company, Azilen Technologies, Goes Tobacco Free to Build a #TobaccoFreeCulture

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On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, a leading technology and product engineering company, Azilen Technologies, announces the successful adoption of a tobacco-free culture, marking a major turning point in its dedication to a people-first approach. This initiative is a revolution, a deliberate decision to take on the negative consequences of tobacco directly.

Beginning as a deliberate decision to take on the detrimental consequences of tobacco head-on, the journey started six months ago when the team pledged to go tobacco-free on May 31, World’s No Tobacco Day. The goal behind Azilen’s no tobacco initiative is to enable team members to escape the grip of addiction and choose life over tobacco.

The WHO statistics are self-explanatory. Annually, tobacco use results in the deaths of 8 million people, affecting individuals, families, and communities. Azilen considers it a community obligation as much as an individual one to establish a tobacco-free atmosphere.

Naresh Prajapati, CEO of Azilen Technologies, provided a clear transition plan that highlighted the company’s people-first philosophy. The leadership team proactively interacted with team members, offering encouragement and support.

To assist Azilen team members in giving up tobacco use, the organization provided professional advice from physicians, one-on-one therapy sessions with therapists, and healthy substitutes. Other initiatives included scripted acts to spread awareness and peer-to-peer support.

However, Azilen’s shift to a tobacco-free culture was not without obstacles. The first obstacle was getting people to accept the idea and convincing them of its relevance. Team Azilen was able to overcome these problems because of strong communication, peer support, and unwavering leadership commitment.

Azilen’s path to a society free of tobacco use is an inspiration, showing that good change is achievable with commitment and encouragement. One tobacco-free workplace at a time, Azilen wants other organizations to join them in fostering a healthier global community.

Leadership Commitment and Vision
Communication and Awareness

About Azilen Technologies: 

Azilen Technologies is a Product Engineering Company. It collaborates with organizations to propel their software product development journey from Idea to Implementation and all the way to product success.

From consulting to UX engineering, software design & development, test automation, DevOps, and modernization of software products, Azilen engages with product companies to build a competitive advantage with the right mix of technology skills, knowledge, and experience.

Domain expertise, agile methodologies, and cross-functional teams blended in a collaborative development approach are Azilen’s vanguards of engineering, managing, monitoring, and controlling product lifecycles for startups and enterprises.

Highly scalable and future-fit products that too with faster-go-market are what Azilen delivers by letting in-house teams of product companies focus on core product expansion & growth while Azilen manages and supports the technology in parallel.

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