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Liferay (DXP) 7 Tech Meet up Summarized Glimpses are Out Now

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An interactive Liferay (DXP) 7 Tech Meet up was codified by Azilen Technologies on 18th March, 2017 at Ahmedabad Management Association.

According to Team Azilen the fundamental motive of meet up was to furnish developers with the latest technological enhancements of Liferay DXP in programming context. Their Liferay Capability Heads Ms. Hetal Parajapati and Mr. Dharmen Panchal manifested deep insights about assorted Liferay subject matters such as OSGi, Setting up the development environments for UI, Services as Modules, and Modules for OOTB customizations (Fragments) as well as up gradation of LR6.2 to DXP along with specimen codes and commands.

With the intention of fixing the Liferay DXP 7 knowledge resources shortage to the optimum possible level, ‘Liferay DXP Knowledge Base’ was introduced during the meet up as conforming to Team Azilen ideology, phenomenon of delivering high beat knowledge starts with indigenous research documented into easy to implement format.

Discussions about how to perform each particular programing action with newer version of Liferay was found much interesting by attendees. They acknowledged such meet ups as a potential aid in heightening up their tech capabilities.

Meet up in perspective of participants:

Good Liferay DXP Session by Hetal and Dharmen #AzilenTechMeetup

— Tarun Sharma (@tarunsharma550) March 18, 2017



Those who have missed the direct confrontation can explore few of the knowledge elements through:


Liferay (DXP) 7 Tech Meetup for Developers from Azilen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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