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Strategic Collaboration Between The dormakaba Group and Azilen Technologies for a NextGen Hospitality Solution

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Azilen partners with The dormakaba Group, to help in creating a futuristic PMS for the global majors, to take hospitality sector operations to the next level.

Owing to the market trends and evolution, The dormakaba Group, a leader in access control and security solutions in the hospitality sector had a project to reengineer their Property Management System which was being used across their numerous properties. This upgrade was not just expected at the technology level but was exclusively needed to see a greater impact in terms of overall user experience and seamless management of business processes.

“With an opportunity to develop and enhance a product using our latest technology, we cater to the needs of our clients to transform their ideas into reality. That is our motto!”  Team Azilen

With a rigorous decision to achieve this type of next-generation solution, trusting Azilen’s technical expertise in the hospitality industry, The dormakaba Group collaborated with Azilen to take up this entire modernization initiative. Comprising a complex user interface earlier, the Property Management System showcased difficulty in performance. Omitting the toil, this NextGen system was meant to capture all the current functional operations from managing and organizing to scheduling mundane activities of the hotel employees. With a technology leap and a renewed user interface, the system was supposed to allow the user roles and access rights to be configured, controlled, and managed through a User Access Management module. This not only just proves to be an asset for all our users and their persona and benefits.

“Since our early days, we targeted a larger face of customers with a high volume of transactions across multiple properties of hotels. At the same time, we needed a technological upshot that provides a seamless user experience to the staff as well as to the guests. With this rational thought in mind, we initiated this process of remodelling the PMS with Azilen and the work done by Azilen was of great” observes The dormakaba Group’s R&D Manager.

“To match the expectations of The dormakaba Group’s vision, this project was launched to ensure the volume and scale that we can bring with the solution. Creating a robust entity with modern technology and a new and improved user interface is one of its major aspects. We’re extremely glad having been able to participate to this project in such a great manner.” says Naresh Prajapati, CEO, Azilen Technologies.

About The dormakaba Group:
The dormakaba Group is a leading Access Control and Security Solutions provider with over 10 decades of expertise in the Hospitality industry across 130+ countries worldwide. They aim at developing products, solutions and services that make customers’ and end-users’ life more simple and secure.

About Azilen Technologies:
Azilen Technologies is a product engineering company. We pioneer in ‘Engineering Excellence’ to build NextGen digital products. Our PRO engineering services are driven by agile methodologies induced within the product lifecycle to catalyze change and adapt to market innovations. Our team of 300+ PRO Engineers thrives to shape customer success in turn driving better business growth with excellence across industry innovations leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

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