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Elixir and DevOps: Orchestrating Highly Available Infrastructure

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This white paper explores the integration of Elixir, a robust and fault-tolerant programming language, with DevOps practices to orchestrate highly available infrastructure.

What’s Inside?

1. History and Current Scenario of Elixir

2. A Symbiotic Relationship: Elixir and DevOps

3. Fault-Tolerant Infrastructure

4. Container Orchestration with Elixir

5. Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

6. Monitoring and Alerting

7. Best Practices for Orchestrating Infrastructure with Elixir

8. Elixir Horizons: Redefining Developer Experience

9. How Elixir Saved Pinterest $2 Million a Year in Server Costs

10. Driving Business Excellence: Elixir’s Impact on DevOps

11. A Closer Look at the Leading Enterprises Embracing Elixir

12. The Future of Elixir in DevOps

13. Embracing the Future with Elixir

Brainstormed and Curated by Industry Experts