Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence

To Make Enterprise Processes Smarter #AIFC

Harness the Power of
Artificial Intelligence

To Make Enterprise Processes Smarter

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

AI has made a mark in modernizing enterprises through ‘intelligence by default’. Processes are driven by AI powered systems that generate competitive advantage. We help enterprises in building this phenomenon
through our AI-Fication Cube (#AIFC)

AI Strategy

With next-generation business models, Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a game changer driving business strategies. Azilen has closely observed these strategies, evolving AI models, and its transformation journey. As a result, we consolidated our learning, experience, and best practices into an AI-Fication Cube (#AIFC).
AI-Fication Cube is our in-house knowledge center that helps our customer to articulate AI best practices for enterprises.

  • AI Readiness & Maturity Assessment
  • Process Modelling
  • Enterprise AI Architecture
  • Implementation Roadmap

Artificial Intelligence has undertaken a human-centric role focused on robotic process automation. This advanced role of
AI is powered by humongous data and corresponding context intelligence. AIFC has established a standard 4A process for AI

  • Aggregate
  • Attribute
  • Analyze
  • Apply
  • AI Applications Engineering
  • AI Integration
  • AI Managed Service

Azilen has developed a strong competency in insights-driven business solutions. Whether it is managing the employee performance and appraisals within the HR industry or defining the demand forecast for car sharing businesses, we ensure that data speak the language of actionable insights.
With expertise in developing data models, data classification techniques and machine learning algorithms, Azilen has an organizational setup, with a core focus on data science for enhancing solutions to business problems.

  • Data Modelling Framework
  • AI-enabled Data Dashboards
  • Data Governance and Standards
  • Enterprise Data Repository

AI has evolved from standalone algorithms and backend processes to an interactive customer-centric system. Today’s AI systems can interact with users, understand their needs, map their preferences and recommend an appropriate line of action with minimal or no human intervention. Azilen has evolved its conversational AI practices adopting Text and voice-based AI conversations. With effective algorithms, machine learning, and cognitive decision-making, Azilen helps enterprises to take their customer interaction and support services to next level.

  • Customer Service Chatbot
  • Digital Virtual Assistant (DVA)
  • Infra & Traffic Monitoring Bot
  • Intelligent Survey Bot


  • Brand Visibility Analytics

  • Workforce Sentiment Analysis

  • Customer Services Bots

  • Facial Recognition

  • Vehicle Damage Detection

  • Churn Prediction Solution

  • Signature Verification Solution

  • Candidate Screening

  • Survey Bots

  • Informational Bots


Text Analytics
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
& Deep Learning
Big Data
Platforms and API