Smart IoT Leading to Smart Lives

Create the "Connected World" Experience

Smart IoT Leading to

Smart Lives

Create the "Connected World"


Sensor-ization has laid interesting opportunities for enterprises to devise an effective IoT strategy.
Data has taken the center stage and has become the power driving the IoT strategy of organizations. In
order to leverage this power, we have an established IoT practice. We help our customers to analyze
their business processes, implement IoT touch-points and evaluate valuable data generated.
This results in maximum value creation and optimization.

Consulting & Audit
Managed Services

While IoT is making remarkable influences, businesses still face challenges in understanding the multi-level complexities towards its implementation. Our IoT consultants collaborate with customers to better understand their market segment, products and help simplify the complexities. We visualize & define the overall IoT implementation roadmap aligning with existing and new business models resulting from IoT strategy.

IoT Maturity Assessment & Audit
IoT Strategy & Roadmap

With IoT disruptions and connected devices, an endless stream of telemetry data has evolved. This data has a “never before role” to perform considering the amount of insights it carries. Our data science technologists implement potent algorithms and models to predict and generate actionable insights through the following services.

Data Modelling
Enterprise Data Warehouse
Real-Time Dashboards & Visualytics
IoT Performance Analytics

IoT implementation is a spider web of multiple standards and scaling for millions of devices. Hence for effective IoT implementation, this spider web needs to be logically dis-integrated. Our IoT expert’s team is experienced in breaking down the complex IoT implementation challenges and gradually phase the implementation by resolving its nitty-gritties – “one at a time”. Our connected engineering portfolio encompasses.

Firmware Engineering - Firmware Development - Installation & Upgrades - Multi-level Integrations
IoT Platform Development - Gateway Device & Configuration - Narrow Band IoT Implementation - Proximity Services – Geo & Micro-Fencing
System Integrations - Smart Device & API Integrations - Embedded System Integrations - Web Service API Integrations

Our team of IoT implementation consultants ensures the continuity of your IoT infrastructure setup, continuous monitoring, support, enhancement and upgrade. We enable our customers to focus on their business strategy around IoT and leave technical implementation and operational management to us. To achieve this we have defined our service structure that comprises of following.

IoT Infrastructure Management - Installation Configuration - Monitoring & Support - Reporting
IoT Infrastructure Enhancement - Optimization - Security Upgrade & Management - Firmware Upgrade

Smart IoT @ Azilen

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    Excellence (CoE)

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  • Multi Cloud-Enabled

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